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What Was The Biggest Waste Of Money At Your Wedding?

Other than that lifesize ice sculpture of the bride and groom.

You did it! You got married. Can you believe it? No, not that you're still married. Can you believe how much money you blew on things you probably (in hindsight) didn't need for your wedding?

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Like those paper invitations that took multiple revisions from the printer, tracking down physical addresses like some sort of private eye, buying not enough or way too many stamps, and, you know, killing trees? Looking back, maybe a digital invite would have avoided all of that waste and saved you some cash.

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How about going to a florist who automatically up-charged you (because it's your wedding)? Don't even get us started about the cost of boutonnieres. You could easily hit up Trader Joes for some more affordable flowers or even go with fake ones that look just as real in all of the photos (because that's what matters).

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Oh, and then there's the photographer(s) who are either paid by the hour or for the day. You only really need them for the important moments, and as the wedding reception wears on there are less and less of those. Plus those family portraits (with all the cousins) take forever.

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Maybe you should have cut down on the size of the wedding cake or gone with a more cost-effective naked option instead...

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...or decreased the number of cocktail hour appetizers (how many pulled-pork sliders and chicken satays do you really need for 60 minutes?) and put that money back into the booze budget.

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No matter how amazing your wedding day was, looking back, there's probably a thing or two you would have done differently that would have saved you some cash. Tell us all about it in the comments below and it just might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!

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