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    27 Wayfair Outdoor Products That Reviewers Love

    Yeah, fresh air is great and all but have you ever sat in a hammock chair?

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A portable, lightweight, pop-up two-person tent with metal stakes and tie-down cords for getting stuck in at the beach or in the backyard while avoiding the harmful rays cast by the star we orbit thanks to a UPF 50+ sun protection rating.


    Promising review: "This is such a good idea...take it to the beach and put your chairs on it or bring in your coolers and just move it around with the sun! There is a big learning curve to folding it back up, it takes practice!" —Cyndy from Centerton, AR

    Price: $69.99 (available in three colors).

    2. A vintage style, powder-coated steel patio rolling cooler to keep up to 110 12-ounce cans (with ice) cold up to 36 hours. There's a plug for easy drainage and the legs are removable if you feel the party isn't going anywhere.

    A light blue cooler on caster wheels with the top open revealing ice and cold beverages

    Promising review: "This cooler is awesome! The color is so fun and funky! It was much nicer than the coolers I saw at various retail stores. Glad I waited and ordered this from Wayfair instead of buying at the store. Everyone has asked us where we got it!" —Corrine from Calgary, AB

    Price: $159.99 (available in three colors).

    3. A giant, hardwood, 54-block Jenga game that starts at two-feet high and can stack up to 5 feet before it all comes tumbling down. But careful, those blocks are heavy!

    A set of large wooden Jenga blocks stacked up

    Promising review: "Love the giant Jenga! Really happy that it comes with a travel case as it is quite heavy. Used it for the first time this past week and we had a blast. The build quality of the blocks seems good as well. Would recommend!" —Jonathan from Montreal, QC

    Price: $118.50 (originally $169.99).

    4. A super bright (but adjutable) 750 lumen LED camping lantern powered by 4D batteries (not included) for lighting up the woods or the backyard and surviving many summers with its impact resistant construction and a shatter-resistant lens.

    A black and gray lantern with lime green accents that's lit up

    Promising review: "This is one of the better camping lights we’ve had. It has a dial to turn the brightness up to full (extremely bright) to a low yellow for a nighttime bathroom break or beach walks. Bought a few more for family and they all said the same thing: Perfect!" —Tracey from Westerville, OH
    Price: $30.99 (originally priced $49.99).

    5. A natural-grain solid wood Adirondack chair, because you're calling it now: this is your chair, it's not moving, you're not calling "fives" one it, and if anyone is looking for you, it's probably where they'll find you.

    An unfinished light wood Adirondak chair on a porch

    Promising review: "We bought six of them and had no problem assembling them. It was fast and easy. They are quite light, but still hold the weight of an adult. We decided to seal them and bought a cedar colored stain. After a heavy rainstorm, they seem to be doing fine. Although they seemed flimsy at first, due to their lightweight, they seemed sturdy after assembly." —Susan from Cos Cob, CT

    Price: $96.99 (originally priced $150.04).

    6. An eight-piece set of stackable, BPA-free, shatterproof 24 oz. acrylic drinking glasses for when you don't want broken glass all over your backyard after the BBQ. Note: handwash only.

    A multi-colored set of drinking glasses

    Promising review: "Bigger than I thought they would be! These have a good weight to them without being overly heavy. The colors are just as bright as in the photos!" —Crystal from MI

    Price: $25.99 (on sale from $35).

    7. A crank-lift 10-foot outdoor umbrella that'll tilt to 45-degrees for maximum sun-blockage while its vented canopy allows for added airflow and less wind damage. (Note: stand sold separately).

    An opened white umbrella with a black pole and base and a metallic crank handle

    Promising review: "Love this umbrella so much! Was sitting on the back porch boiling in April. First time I’ve ordered something like this on-line sight unseen and thrilled. Great quality (even withstood a bit of a windy storm before the stand arrived) and arrived ahead of schedule! Free shipping was a bonus. Looking forward to many more outdoor meals in the shade." —Dawn from Roswell, GA

    Price: $81.99+ (available in three colors).

    8. A modern update on the classic picnic basket made with durable polyester, water-resistant interior liner, and expandable drawstring top for cramming in a maximum number of snacks without spills.

    A red picnic basket with a side pocket, gray metal handles, and soft cloth tie top

    Promising review: "Great for hauling hot and cold and handy to carry because of the handle and the drawstring closure top is ideal. Whether it's tall or short, the temp stays inside." —Lisbeth from Harvel, IL

    Price: $39.99 (available in four colors).

    9. A weather-resistant, steel wood burning fire pit with a spark screen and poker so you'll be able to perfect your s'more-making skills in the comfort of your own backyard.

    A covered black steel fire pit with logs on fire inside of it

    Promising review: "Love this fire pit! It assembled very easily and is very sturdy. It comes with a heavy nylon cover and so we have no worries leaving it out in the rain. We haven’t been through snow yet but I have high hopes. It’s large and perfect for the patio. We have six Adirondack chairs circled around it and they fit perfectly." —Mariya from Gurnee, IL
    Price: $199.

    10. A 12-piece Cuisinart stainless-steel grilling tool set with long, wooden comfort grip handles so whether you're poking or prodding, flipping or skewering, you won't burn your hands.

    A black plastic case filled with wooden-handled, metal cooking implements

    Promising review: "Purchased these for a Father's Day present for my husband who is a self-proclaimed grill king... I don't know much about grilling but took a chance on this toolset and since he's using his Father's Day gift (the actual grill) I let him open the toolset early and he loves them! It has all the grill tools he needs and wants and the wood and actual leather straps are a nice touch. He even said he loves the leather smell. Perfect." —Heidi from Galloway, OH

    Price: $37.99.

    11. A bocce ball set, which includes eight green and red balls, one Pallino ball, and most importantly one carrying case for easily storage (re: not losing anything).

    A set of four green and four red bocce balls and a white pallino ball

    Promising review: "The Bocce set is terrific and what was expected. I like the fact the bocce set material is strong and able to withstand rough play (as children enjoy the clanking rather than playing bocce the right way). :)" —Brett from Lancaster, NY

    Price: $44.99 (originally $89.99).

    12. A solid acacia wood outdoor picnic bench with sawhorse-style iron legs for sitting out on patios or porches either paired with a table or on its own, it's your call.

    A rectangular wooden bench with a gray metal frame

    Promising review: "This bench adds both beauty and function to our back porch. Assembly was a breeze and the wood stain is even more beautiful in person. It’s been outside through several storms and is holding up brilliantly. Looking forward to enjoying it for years to come." —Lexi from Richmond, VA

    Price: $156.99 (originally $176.99).

    13. A totally shady (and we mean that in the best possible way) folding camping chair with a canopy that raises, lowers, and tilts to blot out the sun wherever you want to sit. Also comes with a fabric bag with a handy strap for easy portability.

    A blue chair with tan trim and metal legs with cup holders and side pocket

    Promising review: "Bought for husband and he loves it. Exactly what I was looking for. Good construction and shade top is high enough so getting in and out is easy. Love the color!" —Jan from Springfield, IL

    Price: $67.99.

    14. A canvas two-bottle wine carrier with a combo-corkscrew for rosé all day, Pinot noir at four, or Malbec o'clock.

    A denim-colored insulated bag with leather trim holding two bottles and an opener

    Promising review: "The perfect bottle holder to keep your wine at the proper temperature." —Suzanne from NJ

    Price: $31.99.

    15. A pair of "Thunder Bubble Bounce House" inflatables know what, we're gonna let the photo do all the talking here because there's no way we can explain this game better.

    Two models wearing large clear inflatable balloons, one red, the other blue, playfully slamming into each other

    Promising review: "These. Are. So. Fun! Warning, we did not realize how much of a workout doing this is-definitely sore the next day in a good way." —Becca from Superior, WI

    Price: $85.99 (originally $109.99)

    16. A set of two water-resistant outdoor striped throw pillows with removable covers so you can wash them by hand or simply hose them down when they get dirty.


    Promising review: "Perfect size and color. Seem very durable so far, have been rained on a couple of times, and there were no issues. Very impressed with how fluffy and comfortable they are, not super stiff like some outdoor pillows. I could definitely nap on these ones, perfect addition to our patio. —Chelsea from Ypsilanti, MI

    Price: $45.84

    17. A water-resistant, outdoor rectangular planter bench made from dark red meranti wood with an easy-to-remove seat, because sometimes you'd like to sit between two ferns and sometimes you don't.

    A walnut brown wooden bench with planters on either side of it

    Promising review: "This is such a budget-friendly planter bench. The planters don't have bottoms, but it works just as well with putting a planter inside the wood - which probably will keep the wood planter from rotting over time. It's a lovely bench that is beautiful and functional on the patio. Win, win! —Tara from Spring, TX

    Price: $108.99 (originally $149.99).

    18. A set of dimmable, outdoor bulb globe string lights that'll ensure ever single backyard gathering and barbecue is indeed completely lit.

    Round light bulbs that are not illuminated hanging from a black string

    Promising review: "I am extremely impressed with these globe string lights, they are incredibly durable for the price and look amazing when hung on my back deck. I installed them in the fall and left them during a long and very cold Chicago winter and now in the spring they are all still lit! I cannot believe that I didn't even lose one bulb! The globes came boxed in groups of 25 that you had to in install into each socket. Though it did take a while to screw in all of the bulbs, I like that this method assured that none of them broke from getting twisted or smashing together. This set is really high quality at a great price. I am looking forward to enjoying these impressive gems throughout many more seasons!" —Laura from Chicago, IL

    Price: $64.95 (originally priced $93.95).

    19. A unpainted cornhole board, with cornhole bags and folding legs for easy storage, so DIYers with the desire to decorate can stain the wood or paint something a little more artistic.

    Two plain wood corn hole boards

    Promising review: "The quality of these cornhole boards so SO sturdy! My husband is someone who loves to create and these DIY boards were the best choice! Especially with the price. Here he is creating the burned looked and we will seal it! DEFINITELY recommend! We are purchasing a second set so we can have two games at one time! They also came with bags!" —Kristen from Stockton, CA

    Price: $83.99 (originally $129.95).

    20. An easy-to-fold-and-store soft picnic blanket with a water-resistant bottom for settling down outdoors no matter the locale from the backyard to the campgrounds. Spot cleans and air dries too.

    A blue plaid picnic blanket unfolded on a lawn

    Promising review: "Bought this for my baby to play on outside. It is soft and perfect. Love the waterproof bottom and how easily it folds back up." —Amanda from Fairfax, VA
    Price: $30.99.

    21. A hammered copper serving pitcher with an ice guard to prevent spills, so when you're getting hammered on Moscow Mules you'll make less of a mess. (Note: hand wash only).

    A shiny copper pitcher with a smooth handle

    Promising review: "Nice size and love the copper outside and stainless-steel inside. It has been a great water pitcher for the holidays and will be useful this Summer on our screen porch. Love it!" —Susan from Tahlequah, OK

    Price: $21.99 (on sale from $42.99).

    22. A dishwasher-safe, BPA-free two-piece tray set for transporting snacks, apps, and main courses to an outdoor setting with just a bit of added color.

    Two bright yellow trays, one sitting in top of the other

    Promising review: "I purchased this item in lemon yellow and it’s perfect. The color is lovely, I would even say it is a “happy” hue. The smaller tray looks fabulous on my dining table. I use the larger one as a personal meal serving tray. Love them!" —PJ from Ukiah, CA

    Price: $22.99+ (originally $56.99, available in nine colors).

    23. A weather- and UV-resistant three-piece rattan table and chair set with easy to remove and clean seat cushions/covers for that relaxed indoor feel without the four walls.

    Two dark brown chairs with white cushions and a square table of the same color

    Promising review: "For the price, you can’t beat this set! Very nicely made, easy to put together (if you read and adhere to reviewer’s advice! Don’t tighten all screws until they are all in place.) It’s not super deep or plush but just perfect to sit with a cup of coffee in the morning. I find myself out on my front patio more than my big’s that inviting! Added a couple of extra cushions, but you definitely don’t need to! Worth the trouble putting it together!" —Christine from Las Vegas, NV

    Price: $175.99 (available in two cushion colors).

    24. A water and fade resistant floral multicolor area rug to brighten up the already bright outdoor areas around your home. Plus you can just hose it down for easy cleaning.

    A light beige rug with large red, blue, green, and yellow flower patterns

    Promising review: "Just what I was looking for. A lot of area rugs say they are indoor-outdoor but I was looking for one that was thin that I could get wet in need be. This is perfect for an outdoor patio area. The colors are more vibrant than I expected. That red is bright! Engine red bright! But I don't mind. It's perfect for my space. Just be sure you want a bright rug." —Lauren from Madera, CA

    Price: $38.99+ (originally $99+, available in seven sizes and six colors).

    25. A cotton rope chair hammock, because maybe you're not quite ready yet for that fully horizontal-hammock experience. And that's OK. You'll get there one day.

    A model reading a book while sitting outdoors in a white rope hanging hammock

    Promising review: "I bought two of these hammock chairs for my front porch and my family loves them, we find ourselves racing to the porch to get there first and get one of the hammocks (guess I should have bought four of them). The cotton it is made of is very soft and you can sit with your feet down (like in a chair) or stretch out the hammock to have your legs extended (like in a recliner), super comfy, and cool. I plan to enjoy many evenings on my porch swinging and relaxing in this hammock chair." —E from MA

    Price: $74.99

    26. A brightly colored indoor/outdoor horseshoe set made from rubber so when you inadvertently chuck a shoe into the neighbor's yard it'll be easy to find and you probably won't break anything.

    A blue and red set of horseshoes, black rubber mats with yellow pegs and red plastic dowels

    Promising review: "I was looking for a horseshoe set to teach my grandkids an 'old school' game, without them being too heavy for them to handle or too light to get a good throw. These are perfect for what we needed!" —Gina from Adel, GA

    Price: $31.99.

    27. A waterfall discovery wall that encourages STEM learning (because kids need that) with maze ramps, water wheels, and water buckets to keep the little ones occupied for a few valuable minutes (because you need that).

    Two child models pouring water and playing with a bright blue plastic water table

    Promising review: "We love this. Very easy to put together quickly. Our son had a blast moving the different parts to see how water trunk led down. Would buy again." —Ashley from Moyock, NC

    Price: $54.99.

    So until artificial spiderweb hammocks become available to the public, you're stuck with all this other great outdoor stuff.

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