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    Updated on Jul 24, 2020. Posted on Jul 11, 2020

    27 Pieces Of Wayfair Furniture That Are All About Form *And* Function

    Yes, that coffee table has a secret storage compartment. No, I won't show you what's inside.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A space-saving, two-seater sofa bed with a memory foam mattress, because a futon screams "college student" and you want to whisper "classy-ass adult individual."

    A dark navy sofa bed folding up into sofa form

    Promising Review: "This is the perfect small sofa for our office/sitting room. And, a great twin bed when we have an extra houseguest. The seating is firm and the construction is very solid. Easy to assemble." —Diana from Fairfax, VA

    Price: $499.99 (originally $899, part of the Novogratz collection).

    2. A solid Brazilian pine wood kitchen cart with granite top for rolling into any culinary situation that could use just a little more counterspace, especially when you're not in the kitchen.

    A seafoam green kitchen cart with a shelf, bottle rack, metal container, drawer, and a gray granite top

    Promising Review: "Love this cart so much. Perfect addition to my small kitchen which is severely lacking counter space, this cart was exactly the right fix. Not too bad to put together, a little confusing at first but once you get the main structure (the two sides and support beams) together, the rest is super easy. Love that the top is granite as well, it makes this piece look classy. Best thing I've purchased from Wayfair to date!" —Rachel from Worcester, MA

    Price: $112.99 (originally $269.99).

    3. A weather-resistant charcoal/black rug that's easy to wash. no matter where you're tracking your stains from, indoors or outdoors. --5616075/

    Promising Review: "Wanted a rug for my rooftop deck because it gets very hot and wanted my dog to have somewhere to go where his paws wouldn’t get burned. I liked this pattern and also the name of the rug because my dog was actually born in Sardinia. I will likely buy the larger version when I decide what outdoor furniture to buy. Rug is made out of woven plastic fiber, has been rained on several times and still looks good. Overall a good buy." —Julie F from Chicago, IL

    Price: $42.99+ (originally $89, part of the Novogratz collection, available in five sizes).

    4. A round, soild wood multi-tiered plant stand for adding some much needed (but also precariously placed) greenery into your home.

    A dark brown wood plant stand with three shelves

    Promising Review: "Love this plant stand! It’s funky and functional, easy to assemble, and stable. Not suited for super heavy potted plants, but within the recommended weight limit (5 and 10 lbs) it works just fine! Would buy again." —Monique from Meridian, ID

    Price: $89.99 (originally $159.99, part of the Novogratz collection).

    5. A wooden-framed, faux leather armchair with detailed seam stitching to show precisely what a detailed person you are when it comes to how and where you like to sit down.

    A brown leather chair with armrests on black legs

    Promising Review: "Exceeded my expectations. Rock-solid. Surprisingly comfortable. Using as a desk chair but just added it to the living room for additional seating. Looks great in both locations. Punches above its price point." —Al from Jenison, MI

    Price: $142.99 (originally $222.35, available on three colors).

    6. An eight cubby-shelf, "geometric" bookcase that looks like it's assembled from Tetris pieces (officially known as Tetriminos) and built more for the display of curios rather than the maximum storage of printed materials.

    A dark-gray bookshelf with eight shelf spaces

    Promising Review: "Obsessed! This is the first time I've ever put something together myself and I did it PERFECTLY. FYI: I put mine sideways ... for all those sideways-minded people out there." —Casey From New York, NY

    Price: $182.99.

    7. A 13-inch LED desk lamp with a frosted-glass shade, because hearing that on/off click and clink of the chain is both a visually illuminating and aurally satisfying experience.

    A silver metal lamp with a chain and a white shade

    Promising Review: "This lamp is surprisingly super bright (in a good way). Lights up my whole office from the top and of course the desk from directly under. Love the pull on/off. Looks expensive but really was a great deal. Came with a light bulb too)." —Angela from Indianapolis, IN

    Price: $51.99 (part of the Novogratz collection).

    8. A lift-top coffee table with storage for all those remote controls you never use and all those books you never read.

    A birchwood-colored coffee table with two open bottom shelves and a lift top to reveal more storage

    Promising Review: "This is the star of my living room!! The wood is beautiful and lifting the top is nice and smooth. It lifts very gently and effortlessly and the storage space is such a great bonus. Very satisfied! Would buy again, or recommend to someone else." —Angela from Chicago, IL

    Price: $186.99 (available in four colors).

    9. An upholstered flip top storage bench, that does the work of a linen closet (without giving up any valuable closet space) and also offers a place to sit while you contemplate how to maximize said closet space.


    Promising Review: "Love this storage bench! Fits perfectly at the bottom of my bed and looks great with my navy accent wall. Fits all my throw pillows from the bed inside too which is a plus! Very sturdy and only took five minutes or less to screw the legs on. —Amy from Davidson, NC

    Price: $193.99 (available in four colors).

    10. A steel-framed console table with tempered-glass shelves so you can display your finest knickknackery and fanciest books.

    A long black metal console table with three glass shelves

    Promising Review: "Love this table. I needed something long and narrow to fit in a small dining room, this size was perfect. I thought about this for a while as it was priced a little higher than I was planning on spending. Finally decided to go for it and I'm glad I did. Love the color. Nice solid unit. Assembly was very easy, even with all the screws to hold the three shelves. Did it myself in about an hour. Packaging was great, no damage whatsoever. Definitely recommend this table." —Kathy from Arizona

    Price: $161.66 (available in three colors).

    11. A hall tree with shoe storage to efficiently replace that mail in the wall where you've been hanging your coat. Plus the built-in bench becomes a shoe removal station (which is totally a thing if you want it to be).

    Promising Review: "I was looking for something to put right next to the front door that could hold bags, jackets, etc. This hall tree for the bill perfectly. Not only does it look great (matches all the other furniture in the house perfectly) but it also is sturdy and holds all the items I was looking for it to hold, with room to spare. It was also a breeze to assemble on my own." —LR from Lyndhurst, NJ

    Price: $81.99.

    12. An audio rack for vinyl enthusiasts (aka record snobs) to store their wax and turntable in addition to some handy drawers for other audiophile items (or whatever you can fit in there, that works too).

    A white cabinet with black metal legs and brown wooden drawers that holds records

    Promising Review: "This audio rack is exactly what I was after. I was trying to find a unit that could function as a small sideboard with a little bit of storage, but also be home to my vinyl setup in my condo. It fits perfectly in my smaller space and complements my mid-century modern style. I only put the audio racks on one side so I could house cookbooks and board games on the other side. One side would likely hold about 100 records when stuffed (I have 72 in there with room for more). Drawers are spacious and slide relatively smoothly. Would definitely recommend for a budget-conscious piece!" —Meghan from Calgary, AB

    Price: $115.99+ (part of the Novogratz collection, available in two colors).

    13. A weather-, water-, rust-resistant, powder-coated steel indoor/outdoor rocking chair, because why should grandparents have all the fun while you're stuck in a chair that doesn't move at all.


    Promising Review: "Strong and sturdy. We just had the floor of the porch painted, so I appreciated that the base of the rocker seems to be a soft, rubberized material that I don't think will scratch. Looks great with a pillow. My daughter says it needs a cushion, but I like that it is weather-resistant." —Kathryn from Poughkeepsie, NY

    Price: $129.99 (originally $249.99, part of the Novogratz collection).

    14. A minimalist, mid-century white marble (not actual marble though) desk with two open cubbies, which allow for the maximum amount of riffling through important documents.

    A reviewer's photo of a white marble color desk with two open drawers --5616075/

    Promising Review: "Really happy with this desk! Easy to set up - took about 10 minutes. I wanted a minimalist desk that would fit a 27-inch monitor and keyboard, and this desk fits the bill. Great for the price, too." —Anam from DC

    Price: $136.99 (part of the Novogratz collection, available in two colors).

    15. A three-piece set of C-shaped nesting tables that's like a Matryoshka doll for your living room. Use them individually for multiple tasks and then stack them within each other whenever you're finished.

    White nesting tables tucked within each other in size descending order

    Promising Review: "Great nesting tables for the price! Our family uses these tables every day in our game room. They're great to put your drinks on. They're just enough and not overpowering and heavy. Easily moveable and makes rearranging easy. I would buy again!" —Maria from Gibsonia, PA

    Price: $175.99 (originally $199.99, available in two colors).

    16. A metal and wood multifunctional bar cart to use for booze or any other items that could use a quick spin around your home.


    Promising Review: "This cart is my new coffee station. It holds my Cuisinart and Keurig coffee pots, coffee cups, and accessories. It looks great and does not take up too much space. Good buy for the price." —Renee from Boulder City, NV

    Price: $89.99 (originally $179.99,part of the Novogratz collection, available in four colors).

    17. A manufactured-wood console table for that spot in your home, you know the one, where you need something not too big, not too small, but just right to store some other things. Well, this is the thing for that.

    A light gray console table with two shelves and one large top drawer

    Promising Review: "Love this console table. It was actually easier to put together (by myself) than I anticipated. It’s the perfect size for my living room wall. Love that it has drawers and shelf space." —Abby from Virginia

    Price: $142.99 (available in three colors).

    18. A metal, multi-tiered plant stand with laminated particleboard shelves to help you level-up your home greenery game with room for pots and plants of multiple sizes.

    A three-level plant stand with a dark metal frame and marble-colored shelving

    Promising Review: "This plant stand is wonderful!! Very easy to assemble! Nice compact size! I've been trying out different looks to put on it. From plants to candles, vases, and books it so versatile it can be used in any room. There was hardware included so you could wall mount the stand. That too can be an option for me!" —Dottie from NJ

    Price: $66.99 (originally $99.99, part of the Novogratz collection).

    19. A three-tier nine-pair shoe rack that's all about those bins. Sure your shoes will look great on the racks but what about hats, scarves, gloves? Into the bin with ya!

    Two gray wood colored open bins next to three black metal shoe shelves with storage space on top

    Promising Review: "This shoe rack is beyond perfect! The correct dimensions and height of the area in my place....And it is super easy to assemble, while still being sturdy." —Victoria from Costa Mesa, CA

    Price: $114.99.

    20. A metal etagere (aka over-the-toilet-storage) with aluminum shelves which just might allow you to start referring to your bathroom as the water closet.

    A tall, thin black framed etagere with two small drawers in the middle and two shelves above

    Promising Review: "Perfect for bathrooms that don't have a ton of storage. Gives the space a perfect urban chic look." —Holly from Plano, TX

    Price: $153.96 (originally $249.99).

    21. A solid-wood upholstered storage bench that's a hybrid of domestic style and organizational efficiency. It's basically a chair with a drawer/counter top space attached to it. Now you're maximizing your furniture and your space.

    A cream-colored bench with one large drawer next to a seating area

    Promising Review: "Excellent solid wood piece that gives your entryway some style! The wood is beautiful, and the piece is very practical with a deep drawer. The bench is deep enough to do a good job of hiding many pairs of shoes." —Kotryna from Hoboken, NJ

    Price: $233.99 (originally $319 and available in four colors).

    22. A tufted back convertible sofa to completely change the way you think about falling (and then staying) asleep on the couch.


    Promising Review: "A little darker than the product photo. Was very easy to assemble. Very firm, which is nice, it seems like it will last a long time. Sized like a twin when folded down, probably not long enough for anyone over 5-foot-7 to sleep on without their feet hanging off. Nice little decorative couch for extra sleeping area if needed." —Jessica, New Ulm, MN

    Price: $173.99+.

    23. A decor-defining ladder bookcase for taking your storage and display needs one step at a time. Heavy items like books at the base, lighter stuff on the way up.

    A light gray ladder bookcase with four shelves decreasing in size from bottom to top

    Promising Review: "This ladder bookcase was the perfect size for where I needed it. If you pay close attention to the directions, you'll have no issues with gaps or joints fitting together as other customers have complained about. I would recommend using a hammer to push the small wooden dowels/pegs into the holes as this helps with fitting the entire piece together towards the end." —Robin from Machester, NH

    Price: $99.99 (originally $209).

    24. A set of two full-back bar and counter stools comprised of plastic bucket seats, solid wood legs, and a metal ring footrest. These don't swivel, but they do come in two different height options depending on the countertop or table they'll be teamed with.

    Two black plaster bar.counter chairs with wooden legs and a circular black metal footrest

    Promising Review: "These are the perfect family bar stools. Especially if you have toddlers!!! They are so easy to clean, sturdy when they are climbed in, and most importantly when they are leaning on the backrest, they don’t fall backward. They are also extremely comfortable!" —Mandi from Gig Harbor, WA

    Price: $209.99+ (originally $375, available in nine colors and two heights).

    25. A two-drawer nightstand which is so simple and perfect in its design that merely calling it a "nightstand" does it a disservice. This is an all-day, all-night, 24/7/365 stand, always there, quietly by your side, getting the job done.

    A walnut-colored square two-drawer nightstand with small round black drawer knobs

    Promising Review: "These nightstands are great. We used them to set up a guest room for a vacation rental. They came assembled and very well-packaged. No issues with damage when they arrived. They feel very solid and a good product for the money. Our bed is a little higher, so the height of these nightstands was perfect for what we were looking for." —Brent from Denver, CO

    Price: $219.99+ (originally $399.05, available in four colors).

    26. A barrel chair and ottoman, because an actual throne would be too ostentatious in your home, but you really deserve to kick your feet up like royalty at the end of another long day/week/month/year.

    A yellow chair and ottoman with dark wooden legs

    Promising Review: "If you need a small chair to fit in the perfect space this is it. Perfect for our needs and will be for yours. Def look at the measurements before you buy. The color we got was true to what was shown. Good things come in small packages!! We love it." —SF from North Carolina

    Price: $137.99 (originally $152.99, available in six colors).

    27. An end table to end all end tables. Seriously, with its golden, C-shaped silhouette and clear glass tabletop, the "Castillo" is designed to easily "fit around your favorite seat" while becoming a temporary home for your mug, laptop, book, or phone.

    A thin, gold metal framed table with a glass top

    Promising Review: "These are great, I bought two. I use them like TV trays because they’re convenient and beautiful. Easy to slide around. My husband keeps pushing the glass out, cause he’s an idiot." —Michelle from Broken Arrow, OK

    Price: $71.99 (originally $89.99).

    Stylish and Functional, She Wrote!

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