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    23 Things That Will Keep Your Car Clean And Organized No Matter The Mileage On It

    Get your ride looking and feeling factory fresh.

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    1. A handbag holder that attaches to the center console and headrests for keeping bags from flying into the backseat and pets from jumping into the front. Dog is not your copilot.

    2. A jar of cleaning gel for car detailing, because there are some parts of your ride that just never seem to get clean by conventional means. That means the only thing to fight dust and dirt with is, well, a handful of slime. They'll never see it coming from one of their own.

    3. A waterproof, scratchproof, backseat cover that will keep dirt, dander, and, most importantly, pet hair from consuming your car's interior. Super easy to clean with a damp cloth or a vacuum although your canine companion would much prefer the former.

    A really attentive and happy white dog with a lolling tongue sitting atop a backseat cover in a car

    4. A heavy-duty, expandable clothes hanger bar for neatly transporting clothes, whether it's moving day, laundry day, or you've run out of closet space. Fits in compacts as easily as it does in SUVs.

    5. A headlight lens restoration system with masking tape, sanding discs, and wax protectant to shed the same old light on cloudy, dull, or scratched headlamp covers instead of having to buy brand-new ones.

    A before and after image of a car with dirty, scratched headlights covers that have been restored thanks to a wax protectant system

    6. A set of two Drop Stop car seat gap fillers (as seen on Shark Tank) to keep you from dropping your phone, loose change, or french fries into the deep, dark, unreachable crevices in your car.

    A before and after image of the empty space between a car's driver's seat and center console that's been filled with seat gap filler

    7. A bottle of Rain-X glass treatment for improving wiper blade performance and visibility while driving during rainstorms with a formula that causes moisture to magically bead up and be easily wiped away from glass surfaces. For real!

    8. A portable car vacuum cleaner with a 16-foot-long cable that plugs into the car's lighter port, so unless your ride is out of gas or the battery's dead, you've got no excuse for not cleaning every nook and cranny from the dashboard to the trunk.

    A car vacuum kit that includes a handheld vacuum, a storage bag, and various attachments, plugs, and filters

    9. A sunglasses holder for visors or air vents that holds two pairs of specs (no matter the size or style) right where you need them when you're trying to keep your eyes on the road.

    10. A 12-pack of lint-free, non-abrasive, easy-to-wash microfiber cleaning cloths for not scratching up easily scratchable surfaces like your windshield or your paint job every time you clean them.

    11. A durable, three-pocket folding car trunk organizer with handles to keep all your junk in the trunk from rolling all over the place while you're making all those sharp turns.

    A black trunk organizer inside a car trunk filled with car accessories, groceries, an umbrella and more in its mesh side pockets

    12. A windshield cleaning tool with extendable handle and washable reusable microfiber cloth so you can remove all the dirt, dust, moisture (fog) on the inside and outside of your car's glass. Now you've got no excuse for those dirty windows.

    13. A bottle of high-sudsing, foaming citrus carpet and upholstery cleaner that'll lift dirt and stains and remove odors from your messy car seats making them look and smell as factory-fresh as possible.

    14. A gallon of Meguiar's car wash whose formula is designed to clean the exterior of your automobile via the classic bucket method or in a "foam cannon," which is probably second only to a T-shirt cannon in general awesomeness.

    A person pouring car was liquid into a white bucket prepping to clean a white car

    15. An adjustable and extendable cup-holder adapter to secure larger liquid containers so you don't have to keep your water bottle wedged between the seat and the gearshift for easy access to your refreshing beverage of choice.

    16. A 50-foot expandable garden hose with nine-function nozzle, because if you want to wash your car properly at home (or water your garden and clean your pets) you need the proper tools to get the job done. Also comes with a bag to store and carry the hose and the nozzle.

    17. A container of Armor All car interior and protectant cleaner wipes for keeping your dashboard and seats looking shiny and new thank to the beating they take from UV rays, oxidation, and all the dirt you track into and all over your ride.

    An orange, yellow, and white container of Armor All wipes sitting atop the black leather interior of an automobile

    18. A four-pack of car headrest hooks, because there's never a good place to hang your bag that gives you easy enough access to what's inside and keeps it one place while you drive.

    A Michael Kors handbag secured to a car headrest hook hanging from the back of the driver's seat

    19. A can of air re-fresher odor eliminator mist that's like a bug bomb for getting any existing stink out of your car. Turn the car's fan on, set off the mist in the center console, wait for 15 minutes, then air the car out for another 15 minutes.

    20. A glovebox organizer wallet for all the automotive paperwork like your insurance card and registration that you hope you never have to actually show to anyone but should be able to easily access when you do.

    21. A universal smartphone holder (compatible with most recent models of the iPhone, Galaxy, and Nexus) that mounts in (many but not all) car vents. The 360-degree rotation allows you to position your phone exactly where you want it to be so you never have to fumble for your GPS.

    22. A bottle of scratch and swirl remover for eliminating all of those minor marks that have marred your otherwise beautiful car while bringing new life (re improved gloss and shine) to the paint.

    23. A Yogi Prime storage organizer to keep trunk floors free for maximized space (maybe for some pic-a-nic baskets). Velcro strips keep from rattling around but you can also use it for the backseat storage too.

    A navy blue with white piping storage organizer with three large pockets hanging from the backseat into a car's trunk

    Even if your car is approaching Mad Max-dystopian-future-levels of filth, your ride is going to be much cleaner and more organized with the aid of any of these helpful automotive products.

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