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    26 Things That’ll Prepare You For All Sorts Of Messy Kid Disasters

    Kids are gonna kid, which means messes are gonna mess. So, parents, we're going to prepare you, your floors, walls, and ceiling for anything your child can throw at them.

    1. A spray bottle of water-based Folex instant carpet spot remover because if you've got a kid(s) and a carpet (that you care about), you best believe it's gonna to get stained on the reg. Take a look right now; there's probably a new stain waiting for you!

    2. A 10-pack of Gerber three-ply cloth diapers that aren't so much meant to be used as diapers but as super absorbent workhorses to deal with puke, leaky breast milk, sweat, or any other spillage that a baby or toddler can bring.

    A stack of white folder cloth diapers

    3. An eight-pack of stretchable silicone straps for keeping pacifiers, toys, and bottles from falling on the ground, getting lost, or getting dirty. It totally cuts down on a lot of bending down and crawling around. And now there's one less thing to wash!

    Multi-colored straps holding various baby toys and bottles

    4. A large "Lay-n-Go" activity play mat and storage bag (ideal for Legos) to port toy time to any area (at home or on the road) while confining messes to one easy-to-clean area.

    5. A four-pack of reusable mop pads to cut down wasteful refills for Swiffer Wet Jets with a re-washable alternative, which also keeps your ever-messy floors just as clean.

    A reviewer's photo of a purple mop handle with the green cleaning pad attached

    6. A Eufy RoboVac G30 because your hardwood and carpeted floors need all the help they can get when there's a kid in the home. Compatible with Alexa, this sucker will map out a dynamic path of your home (all you have to do is pick up all the stuff from off the floor).

    7. A Stasher reusable food bag that not only helps to phase out unrecyclable single-use plastics but can be used to keep just about anything (snacks, toys, medicine, changing supplies, etc.) contained and organized. Sometimes it's about stopping a mess before it starts!

    8. A 90-count supply of saline nose wipes because when little noses start to run, it's not a jog; it's an Usain Bolt-like sprint to sticky snot getting anywhere and everywhere. These things are like booger magnets!

    Two packs of Boogie Wipes and their box in white with green and purple logo

    9. A paste and spray bundle of The Pink Stuff, which claims to be "tough on stains" and "gentle on surfaces" but is ready to provide damage control for all the near-impossible messes your kids create around the home.

    10. A two-pack of kids' art smocks that'll save the kids' clothes from all manner of paint and marker stains and, as an added bonus, can also be used for messy little eaters too.

    11. A handmade and super-absorbent faucet splash catcher to keep water from getting, well, everywhere, especially when little ones are still leaving a bigger mess after they wash their hands.

    Absorbent gray rectangle of fabric placed around the base of a kitchen sink faucet

    12. A tub of OxiClean baby stain fighter and soaker because laundry piles up real quick, and failing to pre-treat or soak stained baby clothes means you're going to have to wash them a second (and maybe even third time).

    13. But if you forget to pre-treat (which will happen most of the time), a combo pack of Grandma's Secret Spot Remover laundry spray that will terminate the toughest of stains.

    Large white spray bottle and smaller spot remover gel bottle

    14. A Dr. Brown's sponge brush built specifically to clean baby bottles and nipples, so don't even think about using it on those dirty dishes clogging up the sink.

    Model at sink cleaning baby bottle with blue and white sponge brush

    15. A Papablic sterilizer and dryer for quickly winning the war against the staggering amount of funky-smelling baby bottles currently amassing in your kitchen in a desperate attempt to overthrow the ever-changing status quo.

    16. A food-catching baby placemat to keep any eating-related messes confined to one area for the quickest cleanups possible. And when your baby's done with it, it can be used around the house for other sticky situations.

    17. Or a reusable, waterproof, anti-slip splat mat, because wherever there's a small child some sort of mess is bound to materialize, especially under a high chair. Remember: Contain the mess and clean less!

    18. A two-pack of breast shells and milk catchers to use in between pump and breastfeeding sessions to build up a supply and not waste a drop (especially from leakage) while hopefully keeping yet another shirt from an early trip to the laundry.

    Purple and white packaging as well as two breast shells partially filled with milk

    19. And a two-pack of Medela quick-clean micro-steam bags so you can thoroughly disinfect breastfeeding equipment (or just bottles) by eliminating 99.9% of the most common bacteria and germs. Just add water and pop it in the microwave for three minutes.

    Yellow and white packaging for micro-steam bags

    20. A personalized kid's laundry bag with a drawstring because if you've got more than one kid, it's so much easier to keep their dirty clothes separated and keep matching sets (like PJs) together.

    Light canvas colored laundry bag with repeating rainbow letters spelling child's name

    21. A Diaper Genie that'll be the quickest, most efficient, and least stinky way of doing away with of an endless amount of disposable nappies that have been completely obliterated by your offspring. 

    Diaper Genie with open lid showing blue bags inside
    White Diaper Genie stood next to a baby's changing table for scale

    I'm here to tell you that the Diaper Genie been a part of our babies' lives since their first diaper changes at home. It's not perfect but it is close. Once that diaper is slam-dunked in there, I only have to change the bag about once a day. Yes, you will get hit with the smell when you open it, but just don't get too close. Otherwise, all odors are contained when the lid is closed. 

    Promising review: "I have used these before and love that they keep everything clean and not smelly. I personally have put an additional air freshener on the inner lid to keep it extra fresh. This is also a really good gift for a new mom." —Rebekah 

    Get it from Amazon for $39.99+ (available in four colors).

    22. And an eight-pack (trust us, you're gonna want these in bulk) of Mama Bear diaper pail refills because that Diaper Genie doesn't grant any wishes unless it's full of these plastic bags.

    Stack of eight blue circular diaper genie refills

    Promising review: "I bought these for my Diaper Genie. I’m a first time mom, I was gifted a Diaper Genie but I wanted a more affordable refill. Looking to save money anywhere I can. I came across these and they’re great! They’re really sturdy and do not have a scent to it. At least, I can’t smell anything. This will always be my go-to refills." —Shirley 

    Get it from Amazon for $27.19.

    23. A four-pack of Mr. Clean Extra Durable Erasers to deal with nearly any manner of kid-inflicted stain on your walls, tubs, floors, or wherever they can get to. Bonus: also works great for cleaning dirty sneakers!

    24. A roll of heavy-duty, eco-friendly, machine-washable, reusable bamboo towels, because you really have no idea how many paper towels you use, do you? The answer is: too many!

    Model's hand's holding a small watermelon in bamboo towel under running water

    25. A foldable Munchkin nursery and toy UV sterilizer to kill up to 99% of germs and sanitize your little one's favorite toys and stuffed animals as well as your phone in all of five minutes.

    26. A hanging car trash bag can because when you have kids, your car might actually be the one place that's even messier than your home!

    Because this is your kids, even when they're trying their best not to make a mess...

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