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19 Subscription-Based Gifts For Kids Who Can't Stop Tearing Open Your Mail

If there's one thing every child loves (no matter the time of year) it's getting a package with their name on the address label.

1. A subscription to Hullabaloo Book Company whose books and activities all focus on the attributes of kindness, curiosity, intelligence, imagination, bravery, and empathy. So that's what all the hullabaloo is about!

Overhead photo of child coloring an activity from subscription box

2. A Movement in a Box subscription with games that "encourage children to practice fundamental movement skills while learning their shapes, colors, letters, and numbers." Translation: this box will help developing bodies and minds to grow and work together!

Opened subscription box with multi-colored bean bags

3. A Year Cheer subscription best described as a "holiday fairy in a box" for kids to decorate their homes while creating fun family traditions (the best of which being parents not having to run out last minute to buy decorations).

Subscription box with Christmas decorations

4. A Green Kid Crafts subscription filled with STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) projects and activities that are fun, informative, and family-friendly.

5. A seasonal subscription to Rockets of Awesome for the kid (or parent) who's into fashion or could use a personal stylist (we all could, really) to make picking out outfits not feel like such a chore.

6. A DIY Sago Mini Box subscription filled with creative "make and play" themes like pet cafe, forest, fairy tales, planes, and so many more. The box even becomes an integral part of playtime!

Split image of two different subscription box craft sets

7. A Little Feminist book club subscription for "diversifying bookshelves" with empathetic and inclusive stories and characters too often ignored by "mainstream publishing."

8. A Making Memories Box subscription that includes fully planned activities, projects, and games for the kids and the whole family. We repeat: FULLY. PLANNED.

A subscription box with winter and snow related activities

9. An Alltruists subscription box to introduce children to some rather serious and often ignored subjects (protecting bees, welcoming refugees, clean water access) so they can begin to "engage with real-world issues in positive ways." Plus $5 from each box goes to a partner nonprofit!

10. A seasonally themed Pottery Awesomeness box subscription for painting cute clay creations without the need for firing up a kiln. For every kit sold, a portion of the proceeds goes to art therapy supplies for children in hospitals.

A collection of subscription box pottery projects

11. A Girls Can! Crate monthly subscription box to inspire girls to become innovators, leaders, and creators by introducing them to world-changing women and role models from the well-known (Marie Curie, Florence Nightingale, and Malala Yousafzai) to the now-you-know and you'll never forget (Patsy Mink, Bessie Coleman, and Mary G. Ross).

12. An America's Test Kitchen Kids subscription for both pre-schoolers and young chefs in the making that isn't just about following recipes but "teaching the fundamentals of science and cooking."

Two child models look at recipes from a subscription box

13. A Little Global Citizens subscription box packed with crafts, activities, recipes, and a book to take curious young travelers on a journey to a new country every month (without any of the hassle of booking flights).

subscription box contents with a focus on India

14. An OwlCrate Jr. subscription box built for middle school book worms or young readers who can use a little less screen time and a little more time with the printed word. Each crate has a theme based on the included hardcover book.

A subscription box filled with books, a birdhouse, puzzles, pennants, and more

15. A subscription to the Pipsticks Kids Sticker Club because what child doesn't like receiving a whole mess of puffy, scratch 'n' sniff, and classic stickers every month?

A collection of stickers form a subscription box

16. A stage-based Lovevery play kit subscription that leans heavily into the Montessori methods for combining learning and playing (with toys of course) during important developmental windows.

Puzzles, toys, books, and projects included in subscription box

17. A Bubbles & Joy subscription to make bath time lots and lots and lots of fun with new toys and all-natural products every month. Getting clean has never been this fun!

Split image of child playing in tun and contents of a subscription box

18. A Sensory TheraPlay Box subscription filled with toys and tools for children diagnosed with autism, ADHD, dyslexia, or sensory processing needs and non-diagnosed children dealing with anxiety, temper tantrums, and impulsivity to support "healthy coping and self-regulation skills."

Model hands holding contents of subscription box

19. A Kiwi Co. subscription crate crammed with STEM/STEAM-inspired projects tailored to specific age groups and subjects like design, science, geography, engineering, cooking, crafting, culture, and more!

The question that will inevitably be on all their minds...

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