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    29 Stylish Pieces Of Furniture From Wayfair That All Cost Less Than $500

    Mid-century modern is always the answer.

    1. A convertible sofa that easily folds down to about the size of a twin bed for any unexpected houseguest or an untimely exile from the bedroom (you know what you did).

    2. A two-shelf coffee table constructed from solid pine wood with a coated iron frame. And you don't even need to use it exclusively for coffee. You can store anything in and on it, like books you'll never read or remote controls you'll never use.

    3. A set of two full-back bar and counter stools comprised of plastic bucket seats, solid wood legs, and a metal ring footrest. These don't swivel, but they do come in two different height options depending on the countertop or table they'll be teamed with.

    4. A 6-foot blanket ladder for squeezing some vertical storage into your living space. While its primary function is to keep unruly blankets in check, the narrow shelves can be used to display a multitude of lightweight tchotchkes.

    5. A two-shelf audio rack that brings its A(-side) game for vinyl enthusiasts, allowing them to organize and store their record collection in four upright cubbies. The top of this retro-inspired stand can easily fit a turntable, making it super easy to flip over to those deep cut B-sides.

    6. A two-drawer writing desk with metal corner bracket accents and x-frame legs, offering a creative writing space whether you're penning a manuscript or scribbling your grocery list.

    7. A stylish, steel-framed platform bed that doesn't require a box spring, but an 8-inch mattress is recommended for proper comfort while relaxing, napping, or full-on crashing.

    8. A round "vintage-meets-modern" dining room table with shiny chrome legs – it's just right for small living spaces but can still seat four with a reasonable amount of legroom.

    9. An eight cubby-shelf, "geometric" bookcase that looks like it's assembled from Tetris pieces (officially known as Tetriminos) and built more for the display of curios rather than the maximum storage of printed materials.

    10. A metal, multi-tiered plant stand with laminated particleboard shelves to help you level-up your home greenery game with room for pots and plants of multiple sizes.

    11. A mod-inspired, upholstered armchair, which will make any living place feel a little more like Mad Men but with a lot less cigarette smoke and misogyny. We leave the amount of day-drinking up to you.

    12. A brown leather ottoman with the ability to pull triple duty as a footrest, a spare seat, or even an impromptu coffee or side table thanks to its strong black iron base and comfy (but firm) tufted cushioning.

    13. A linen-upholstered split-back convertible sofa that doesn't give off that "futon-feel" but still sleeps like a full-sized bed with enough color options to make this a "statement piece."

    14. A two-shelf console table which is really one of those pieces of furniture that can go anywhere and do anything around your home, whether it's the place you throw your keys in the hallway or the place you charge your phone in the living room next to that framed picture of your grandma.

    15. An armoire (just a fancy name for a wardrobe/storage cabinet) that's a smart option for apartments lacking proper closet space. This one makes the most of its height with a top shelf and bottom drawer. Oh yeah, and it also just happens to be named "Tiberius Armoire," which is delightful.

    16. A flared-arm "side chair" who plays sidekick to no other piece in the living room. "Frederick" is indeed the star, the rest are just, well, furniture.

    17. A powder-coated metal bar cart that's meant for rolling three shelves' worth of booze through your home, but can be co-opted for nearly any other storage needs (think beauty and grooming products or cleaning supplies).

    18. A sometimes mobile kitchen cart able to stop and go or become an island of its own thanks to four removable casters (two of which are lockable). Along with plenty of storage space, a drop-down leaf adds more prep-room to the solid wood butcher block.

    19. A two-drawer nightstand which is so simple and perfect in its design that merely calling it a "nightstand" does it a disservice. This is an all-day, all-night, 24/7/365 stand, always there, quietly by your side, getting the job done.

    20. A modern upholstered platform bed with a headboard whose support slats adapt to the pressure exerted upon them and can comfortably hold up to 500 pounds. No box spring required, no mattress included.

    21. A bench with rustic vibes equally suited for fitting as many as people as possible at the dining room table, as an against-the-wall side accent-piece, or a mudroom shoe-lacing/un-lacing station.

    22. A set of two, faux-leather upholstered side chairs that have a bit of a "bar-at-a-bowling-alley" thing going on and we mean that in the most complimentary way possible. They also come with a one-year warranty.

    23. A triple changer convertible sofa which starts off as a chair, converts to a chaise lounge as things start to get more sleepy and less vertical, and then goes fully horizontal as a twin-sized sleeper.

    24. A two-door, two-shelf accent cabinet you're not going to think about a lot. You might even forget that it's there. But this inconspicuous piece of furniture will go just about anywhere and store all the random things you need it to store, no questions asked.

    25. A twin daybed with trundle that's a truly utilitarian piece of furniture equally suited for a guest room or a nursery but still manages to look stylish with its rounded metal frame (twin mattresses not included).

    26. A 5-foot-long, mid-century style dining table likely to score you some serious adulting points from both friends and family for your sensible yet stylish choices. That rectangular silhouette. Those beveled edges. Who's your interior designer?

    27. An end table to end all end tables. Seriously, with its golden, C-shaped silhouette and clear glass tabletop, the "Castillo" is designed to easily "fit around your favorite seat" while becoming a temporary home for your mug, laptop, book, or phone.

    28. A tufted loveseat (aka a two-seater sofa) can be the best option for those living in more cramped quarters who don't have the room for a full-on couch but still want something nice to sit on.

    29. A shoe storage cabinet in a dark espresso finish with ten shelves and one drawer for storing up to 30 pairs of your favorite footwear that deserve a home much better than the pile they're currently occupying on your closet floor.

    Remember, you don't always have to pay princely prices to decorate your home with Bel-Air style.

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