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    Introducing A New Streaming Service For Exhausted Parents: Spotify Kids

    "Baby Shark" will never show up on any of your playlists ever again.

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    For all you socially distanced parents out there who are struggling to keep your children entertained (re out of your hair for five whole minutes), help is on the way in the form of the brand new Spotify Kids music streaming service.


    According to research conducted by Spotify, 98% of parents say they listen to music together as a family while nearly two-thirds believe that it's important for their children to "listen to and/or learn about music." So it's super clutch for the kids to have access to their soon-to-be-favorite tunes that normally melt your adult brain.

    What is Spotify Kids?


    Well, as the name might imply, it's a music-streaming service for children ages 3 and up. But unlike Spotify, no algorithms or robots here. It's a safe and secure, ad-free experience. All of the music, playlists, and audiobooks on Spotify Kids are curated by a team of editors who ensure that all content is appropriate for little ears. The best part: it's not your Spotify account so you'll no longer be inundated with suggestions for songs from Frozen alongside all of your favorite metal or 90s hip hop.

    Spotify Kids grows with your children. So for the younger ones, parents can select a content-based experience that includes singalongs, lullabies, and soundtracks. When they get older, the music ages up with the kids to include more popular artists and tracks of the moment.

    What exactly does it include?

    Pinkfong / Via

    While still in beta, the service is launching with 8,000 songs and 125 playlists along with more than 60 hours of stories/audiobooks including the classics and Nickolodeon Jr., Hasbro, and Disney Music Group content. For bedtime, your kids have a choice of lullabies, calming music and sounds, bedtime stories, and even specific two-minute teeth-brushing tracks.

    And very much of the moment, there's a “Wash Your Hands” playlist that teaches proper technique and (BIG WARNING) features the brand new jam “Wash Your Hands with Baby Shark” from Pinkfong. Again, you have been warned.

    Why are my kids going to love it?


    This is going to be a watershed moment for kids to explore and discover music that is very much their own. They get to pick their favorite tunes along with their choice of 12 different "monster" avatars that follow them throughout their experience. And as kids are wont to do, they'll probably change those monsters a bunch of times.

    While this is very much the kid's own Spotify account, parental settings keep everything in check and allow the 'rents to toggle content categories between children of different ages. A "block" feature allows parents to remove content from their child’s account as well as access their "Listening History." Plus making any other content- or age-based-changes requires a four-digit pin for verification.

    I need this in my life. How do I get it?


    Spotify Kids is available to download from the App Store or Google Play. But you're going to need a Spotify Premium Family plan. $14.99 per month will get six premium accounts for family members (who must live at the same address to join the plan). Not a bad deal considering a single Premium subscription costs $9.99.

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