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    Just 28 Random Products We Really Love

    A pair of go-to bike shorts, a scalp-massaging brush, an extra-foamy, gel-filled mattress, and other products we (the BuzzFeed Shopping team) truly adore.

    1. A vegan- and cruelty-free Glow Recipe watermelon pink juice oil-free moisturizer made from, you guessed it, watermelon extract to properly prep your face before, well, putting on your face.

    Clear pump bottle of pink juice surrounded by slices of water melon

    2. An OXO Good Grips Little Salad & Herb Spinner that'll take just a few hand pumps to dry off your greens so they're extra clean. And if your salad is spinning too fast, just press that handy break button.

    3. A vintage floral temporary tattoo for those times you look at your skin and all you see is a blank canvas that needs to be filled or for testing out potential new ink.

    BuzzFeed editor with a floral temporary tattoo on their upper arm

    4. A Dagne Dover "Landon" carryall (with options ranging from a crossbody to an extra large weekender) that will fit exactly what you need it to, no matter your destination.

    An olive green extra long weekender bag with shoe bag and sleeve

    5. A Sunday Citizen snug comforter made with "snug fabric on one side and satiny brushed microfiber on the other," for cloud-like sleeping and napping all-year-round. Plus you've got 90 days to test it out!

    A Sahara tan-colored comforter partially folded down on a bed

    6. An extra strong roll of bamboo towels to replace up to six months' worth of paper towels. Save money. Save the planet. Everyone wins.

    Model's hands cleaning a watermelon held by a single bamboo towel

    7. A Shea Moisture African black soap face and body bar made with tee tree oil and tamarind extract for cleansing and exfoliating oily or blemish-prone skin.

    A  bar of African Black Soap with a black label and yellow branding

    8. A water-resistant armband for large cell phones (iPhone, Galaxy, Pixel) so you can keep your phone (and tunes) secure and your pockets free whenever you're working out or out for a run. Also features a super-convenient key holder.

    Black armband with white iPhone wrapped around a model's upper arm

    9. A Girlfriend Collective "Hummingbird" half-zip windbreaker for those days when you have absolutely no freaking idea what the weather is going to end up being like. Raining? It's got a hood. Too cold? Long sleeves. Too hot? It's cropped!

    Model wearing a clay-colored half zip windbreaker

    10. A thickening Eva NYC shampoo and conditioner made with hemp seed oil and sea lavender extract to turn down the frizz and turn up the tousle of your hair.

    BuzzFeed editor's hand holding green and purple plastic tubes of shampoo and conditioner

    11. A box of Café Du Monde Beignet mix for whipping up a truly original taste from New Orleans even if you're thousands of miles away. Don't forget that powdered sugar!

    12. A cordless Shark vacuum mop (vac-mop) that devours dust and dirt on hard floors like a Great White on vacation at Amity Island. This beast even has headlights so you won't miss a spot.

    Chrome gray vacuum mop with lime green accents and lights turned on while sucking up dirt

    13. A bottle of Jot ultra coffee so java enthusiasts can sample "the purest, most concentrated form of liquid coffee in the world" sourced from organic, fair trade, and sustainable beans farmed in Central and South America.

    A dark bottle of Jot coffee with a silver measuring spoon

    14. A pair of Rachel "Eco" bike shorts which you don't even need a bike for! Who needs actual pants when you can slip into breathable, lightweight fabric shorts that are the definition of athleisure wear.

    Model wearing black bike shorts that hit mid-thigh

    15. A paraben- and cruelty-free Cuccio Naturalé "Milk & Honey" cuticle revitalizing oil to "moisture, protect, and nourish dry, brittle, cracked cuticles and skin." Nailed it!

    Reviewer's nails shown on June 24 and again on July 12 with noticeable improvement

    16. An Animal Crossing spinning-pin for you to show off your favorite characters including Isabelle spinning on top of Tom Nook, KK Slider, Blathers, Mabel, Reese, and Kapp'n. This 2-inch, double-layered pin needs two backing posts just to make sure it stays stuck on.

    Hand holding a large colorful pin featuring seven Animal Crossing characters

    17. A Duvaid duvet cover changing accessory, because it honestly shouldn't be so damn hard to switch out duvet covers but here we are.

    18. A pair of live-in, high-waisted pocket, crop leggings to make it as convenient and unnoticeable as possible to carry keys and a credit card when you're out for a quick run.

    Split-image of model wearing black leggings with phone in hip pocket and side view of legggings that hit at the calf

    19. A bottle of 100% squalane oil made from renewable Brazilian sugarcane (sweet!) for quickly hydrating your face and keeping all that moisture locked in while making your skin feel softer and smoother.

    Two different sized green bottles with gold caps and white pumps of squalane oil

    20. A "BBQ of the Month" subscription from Pig of the Month that includes ribs, bacon, brisket, and pork chops as well as sides (beans, rolls) and sauces. Then it's only a question of how many months of your year require BBQ in them.

    A plate of cut-up BBQ ribs

    21. A Mrs. Meyer's "Clean Day" scented soy aromatherapy candle with 25 hours of burn time that comes in a recyclable glass candle jar that'll be a constant reminder of those 25 magical hours you spent with the candle that was inside of it.

    Glass jar with black lid containing a lavender-scented white candle

    22. An adjustable posture corrector to alleviate back, neck, and shoulder pain while teaching your body how to properly stand up for itself. Can also be worn under clothes.

    Before and after photo of a reviewer using black posture corrector

    23. A scalp massager and shampoo brush with silicone bristles for getting that salon-level scrubbing of your cranium that you've been craving at home. Your head and your hair will thank you.

    Split image of the reviewer's hand showing the side and bottom of the light green shampoo brush

    24. An OXO Good Grips keyboard and screen deep cleaning set for getting deep into those dirty keys and swiping all those smudges off of your screen. What do you mean you've never cleaned your computer?

    Gray, white, and orange fabric and plastic keyboard and screen cleaning kit

    25. A Kaya faux-leather laptop backpack (fits most 15-inch laptops) with a deceptive amount of storage space that'll work just as well as an "everyday" bag as it does for travel.

    26. A Casper "Wave Hybrid" mattress made with three layers of perforated breathable foam and cooling gel, so you can finally get that good night's sleep that your old mattress totally denied the existence of.

    A white Casper mattress on a green bed frame

    27. A pastel rainbow tie-dye pattern cloth face mask for looking good, breathing good, and feeling good all while doing good (in whatever order you wish to arrange those sentiments, totally up to you).

    A BuzzFeed editor in a pastel tie dye rainbow mask

    28. A two-pack of Dr. Teal's lavender Epsom salt soaking solution to make bathtime an even more calming and soothing affair while moisturizing your skin as you sit there and do absolutely nothing.

    Two blue plastic packages of Dr. Teal's Epsom salt

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