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    Just 28 Random Products We Really Love

    A pair of go-to bike shorts, a scalp-massaging brush, an extra-foamy, gel-filled mattress, and other products we (the BuzzFeed Shopping team) truly adore.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A vegan- and cruelty-free Glow Recipe watermelon pink juice oil-free moisturizer made from, you guessed it, watermelon extract to properly prep your face before, well, putting on your face.

    Clear pump bottle of pink juice surrounded by slices of water melon

    "I've been using this product for over a year and I'd go out in a limb and say it's the most hydrating item I've ever used β€” especially when I have a sunburn. It's filled with soothing botanicals like peony and jasmine extracts and is free of parabens, mineral oil, sulfates, silicones, pthalates, synthetic dies and is vegan." β€”Heather Braga

    Get it from Sephora for $21+ (available in two sizes).

    2. An OXO Good Grips Little Salad & Herb Spinner that'll take just a few hand pumps to dry off your greens so they're extra clean. And if your salad is spinning too fast, just press that handy break button.


    "Truth be told, my salad spinner is probably one of the most important and most used appliances in my kitchen. I don't have to deal with washing and drying lettuce by hand and I can wash a big batch at once to keep it in my fridge." β€”Hannah Loewentheil

    Get it from Amazon for $24.99.

    3. A vintage floral temporary tattoo for those times you look at your skin and all you see is a blank canvas that needs to be filled or for testing out potential new ink.

    BuzzFeed editor with a floral temporary tattoo on their upper arm

    Tattoorary is an Etsy shop founded in 2014 and based in The Netherlands that specializes in fun and colorful temporary tattoos.

    "I could never get a tattoo because I have the attention span of a labradoodle and would immediately fall in love with a *different* tattoo before the ink on the first one dried, but I love, love, LOVE how realistic and fun the temporary tattoos from Tatoorary on Etsy are. This one is so colorful that it just makes my soul happy every time I look down at my arm and see it." β€”Emma Lord

    Get it from Tattoorary on Etsy for $8.

    4. A Dagne Dover "Landon" carryall (with options ranging from a crossbody to an extra large weekender) that will fit exactly what you need it to, no matter your destination.

    An olive green extra long weekender bag with shoe bag and sleeve
    Dagne Dover

    "I've been using the medium-sized duffle bag for a while now and I wish I would have bought it years ago. The neoprene fabric feels and looks so nice. Plus, you can really fit so much inside. Seriously, I've fit my laptop, iPad, a book, all my toiletries, a cross-body purse, wallet, snacks, and more inside and have still been able to close it. And my favorite part: there's a really convenient small pocket on the outside that fits your phone perfectly." β€”Abby Kass

    Get it from Dagne Dover for $95+ (available in sizes XS–XL and ten colors).

    5. A Sunday Citizen snug comforter made with "snug fabric on one side and satiny brushed microfiber on the other," for cloud-like sleeping and napping all-year-round. Plus you've got 90 days to test it out!

    A Sahara tan-colored comforter partially folded down on a bed
    Sunday Citizen

    "Nothing has made me feel more like a put-together adult than my Sunday Citizen products. Everything they make is 100% worth the splurge. This comforter specifically has made my nights so comfortable and made my room look so much nicer." β€”Mal Mower

    Get it from Sunday Citizen for $249+ (available in two sizes and four colors).

    6. An extra strong roll of bamboo towels to replace up to six months' worth of paper towels. Save money. Save the planet. Everyone wins.

    Model's hands cleaning a watermelon held by a single bamboo towel

    You don't realize how many paper towels you go through in a day and using these bamboo towels changed the way I approached cleaning up household messes. These were great for taking care of the kitchen countertop throughout the day (especially while trying to feed a toddler).

    Get it from Amazon for $10.99+ (available in three quantities).

    7. A Shea Moisture African black soap face and body bar made with tee tree oil and tamarind extract for cleansing and exfoliating oily or blemish-prone skin.

    A  bar of African Black Soap with a black label and yellow branding

    "I absolutely swear by this soap. I've never had major acne struggles, but I do get zits just like everyone else and am prone to nasty rashes on my forehead. I use this every morning in the shower, and while I'm not 100% free of pimples (as a person with bangs, I can never really expect to be), I feel like this stuff makes my skin glow. I also don't get my flare-ups of dermatitis on my forehead when I use it daily." –Katy Herman

    Get it from Target for $3.99.

    8. A water-resistant armband for large cell phones (iPhone, Galaxy, Pixel) so you can keep your phone (and tunes) secure and your pockets free whenever you're working out or out for a run. Also features a super-convenient key holder.

    Black armband with white iPhone wrapped around a model's upper arm

    "I like to run with my phone not only to listen to music but also to measure my running time and distance. The strap has held up perfectly after months of running. It keeps my phone in place and it doesn't slip on my arm. It's also water-resistant, which is a big plus for me because I quickly realized I really enjoy running in light rain." β€”Hannah Loewentheil

    Get it from Amazon for $8.99+ (available in four colors).

    9. A Girlfriend Collective "Hummingbird" half-zip windbreaker for those days when you have absolutely no freaking idea what the weather is going to end up being like. Raining? It's got a hood. Too cold? Long sleeves. Too hot? It's cropped!

    Model wearing a clay-colored half zip windbreaker
    Girlfriend Collective

    "I have this cropped jacket and am a big fan! It's extremely lightweight and perfect for those days with weird in-between-seasons weather. It has pockets so I can pop my phone and keys right in without concern of having to carry anything while running β€” a delight." β€”Heather Braga

    Get it from Girlfriend Collective for $98 (available in sizes XXS–6XL and four colors).

    10. A thickening Eva NYC shampoo and conditioner made with hemp seed oil and sea lavender extract to turn down the frizz and turn up the tousle of your hair.

    BuzzFeed editor's hand holding green and purple plastic tubes of shampoo and conditioner

    "Okay, so I've been trying this out about once a week for the last month and it's amazing! I have very thin, stringy hair that's the actual bane of my existence, since using this I've noticed a volume and texture to my hair that wouldn't normally be there unless I used products and heat β€” which, I am not doing at all nowadays." β€”Elena Garcia

    Get the shampoo and conditioner from Ulta Beauty for $11.99 each.

    11. A box of CafΓ© Du Monde Beignet mix for whipping up a truly original taste from New Orleans even if you're thousands of miles away. Don't forget that powdered sugar!, Amazon

    "After visiting Cafe du Monde in New Orleans, to say that I fell in love with beignets is a liiiiiiittle bit of an understatement. So when I found this Cafe du Monde beignet mix on Amazon I promptly added it to my cart. It takes a little practice to make perfectly puffy beignets, but it's so worth the patience! And, the cost is definitely worth the number of beignets you get from just one box." β€”Jasmin Suknanan

    Get it from Amazon for $9.24+ (available in two sizes).

    12. A cordless Shark vacuum mop (vac-mop) that devours dust and dirt on hard floors like a Great White on vacation at Amity Island. This beast even has headlights so you won't miss a spot.

    Chrome gray vacuum mop with lime green accents and lights turned on while sucking up dirt

    With a toddler, a dog, and three adults in an apartment, I needed a more efficient way to vacuum and mop my very messy hardwood floors. So I picked up this Shark 'Mopvac' and boy did it get the job done. It's actually pretty fun to hit the spray button, see those lights turn on, and then glimpse the clean floor this Shark leaves in its wake.

    Get it from Amazon for $99.

    13. A bottle of Jot ultra coffee so java enthusiasts can sample "the purest, most concentrated form of liquid coffee in the world" sourced from organic, fair trade, and sustainable beans farmed in Central and South America.

    A dark bottle of Jot coffee with a silver measuring spoon

    "My dad and I have been having a cup every evening and I'm actually more of a tea girl β€” that's how good it is! Each bottle has enough for two weeks of coffee (or 14 cups depending on how much java you drink in a day). Plus, Jot has an optional subscription choice for delivery every two, four, or six weeks, meaning you can always have access to amazing coffee!" β€”Nusrat Sultana

    Get it from Jot for $24.

    14. A pair of Rachel "Eco" bike shorts which you don't even need a bike for! Who needs actual pants when you can slip into breathable, lightweight fabric shorts that are the definition of athleisure wear.

    Model wearing black bike shorts that hit mid-thigh

    "I live in my Rachel shorts. I bought them after my sister-in-law recommended them over and over. We have drastically different body types so I wasn't confident I would like them as much with my curvier build, but I was sold the minute I tried them on. Every compliment my SIL gave them I noticed myself – they are breathable, comfortable, hit at the best length, and just make you feel FAB." β€”Mal Mower

    Get the from Rachel for $43 (available in sizes S–XL).

    15. A paraben- and cruelty-free Cuccio NaturalΓ© "Milk & Honey" cuticle revitalizing oil to "moisture, protect, and nourish dry, brittle, cracked cuticles and skin." Nailed it!

    Reviewer's nails shown on June 24 and again on July 12 with noticeable improvement

    "I keep this stuff beside my bed and use the dropper applicator to treat my cuticles before I go to sleep. It feels like I'm being a bit kinder to myself AND milk-and-honey-scent smells divine." β€”Elizabeth Lilly

    Get it from Amazon for $6.42.

    16. An Animal Crossing spinning-pin for you to show off your favorite characters including Isabelle spinning on top of Tom Nook, KK Slider, Blathers, Mabel, Reese, and Kapp'n. This 2-inch, double-layered pin needs two backing posts just to make sure it stays stuck on.

    Hand holding a large colorful pin featuring seven Animal Crossing characters
    Pugnacious Pins / Etsy

    Pugnacious Pins is a BIPOC and LGBTQ-owned Etsy shop founded in 2017 and based in Rosemead, CA that creates enamel pins of all your favorite characters.

    "I'm really into the spinning pin trend. And how could anyone not be in love with something so impractical and fun? This pin looks gigantic, but it's certainly worthy of a prime spot of your backpack or corkboard. Any Animal Crossing fan would be delighted to receive it, in case you're looking for a gift for your favorite island neighbor." β€”Bek O'Connell

    Get it from Pugnacious Pins on Etsy for $15.95.

    17. A Duvaid duvet cover changing accessory, because it honestly shouldn't be so damn hard to switch out duvet covers but here we are.


    "Honestly, having to change (wrestle) the duvet cover onto the duvet is the reason I don't change the sheets more often. Gross, I know. However, ever since I discovered the Duvaid: fresh duvet covers on the reg. It's like having an extra set of hands. Tuck the grips under the mattress, insert the corner of the covered duvet into the clamps, and then just pull the cover over the rest of the comforter. It's not magic but making the bed is so much easier now!" β€”John Mihaly

    Get it from Amazon for $24.99.

    18. A pair of live-in, high-waisted pocket, crop leggings to make it as convenient and unnoticeable as possible to carry keys and a credit card when you're out for a quick run.

    Split-image of model wearing black leggings with phone in hip pocket and side view of legggings that hit at the calf

    "I have a bit of an obsession with leggings, and if you look in my closet you'll find far too many pairs. These Zellas are my favorite for running in particular. I love how the material is very stretchy but it doesn't feel at all flimsy, and it really allows your body to move. Unlike some leggings, they don't stretch out much as you wear them and they also don't shrink much after each wash." β€”Hannah Loewentheil

    Get it from Nordstrom for $55 (available in sizes XXS–XXL and three colors).

    19. A bottle of 100% squalane oil made from renewable Brazilian sugarcane (sweet!) for quickly hydrating your face and keeping all that moisture locked in while making your skin feel softer and smoother.

    Two different sized green bottles with gold caps and white pumps of squalane oil

    "This is the stuff of dreams, people! I put it on my face at night after serum and before my night cream, and wake up with bouncy, bright skin. The first time I used it, I had overnight results. I am constantly yelling about this product to everyone who will listen; I even convinced my dermatologist to try it." β€”Bek O'Connell

    Get it from Biossance for $32+ (available in three sizes).

    20. A "BBQ of the Month" subscription from Pig of the Month that includes ribs, bacon, brisket, and pork chops as well as sides (beans, rolls) and sauces. Then it's only a question of how many months of your year require BBQ in them.

    A plate of cut-up BBQ ribs
    Tessa Arias / Pig of the Month

    "I recently tried this out while staying with my parents (who are big meat eaters and aren't afraid to tell me when they hate food... which they've been vocal about when I've tested other edible goodies for work). They are BIG fans." β€”Elizabeth Lilly

    Get a subscription from Pig of the Month starting at $225+ (available in 3,6,9, and 12 months).

    21. A Mrs. Meyer's "Clean Day" scented soy aromatherapy candle with 25 hours of burn time that comes in a recyclable glass candle jar that'll be a constant reminder of those 25 magical hours you spent with the candle that was inside of it.

    Glass jar with black lid containing a lavender-scented white candle

    "I have this little candle and man does it pack a punch. I once walked into my apartment when it was lit and assumed someone cleaned the entire place while I was gone (sadly, no one actually did). It smells very fresh without being overbearing." β€”Bek O'Connell

    Get it from Amazon for $6.93+ (available in four scents).

    22. An adjustable posture corrector to alleviate back, neck, and shoulder pain while teaching your body how to properly stand up for itself. Can also be worn under clothes.

    Before and after photo of a reviewer using black posture corrector

    "I have this β€” okay, my sister has this, and I steal it β€” and I love it. The first time I put it on, it was like I saw the light and felt some relief. You know, you try to keep your posture straight β€” but this thing shows you what proper alignment is. So when I take it off, I can consciously keep my posture in the same position without feeling awkward or wondering if I'm forcing it too much."Β β€”Victoria Vouloumanos

    Get it from Amazon for $24.99.

    23. A scalp massager and shampoo brush with silicone bristles for getting that salon-level scrubbing of your cranium that you've been craving at home. Your head and your hair will thank you.

    Split image of the reviewer's hand showing the side and bottom of the light green shampoo brush

    "I have one of these babies and it really is wonderful. Not only does it make me feel like I'm really getting in there while I'm washing my hair, but it also re-creates that feeling you get when your hairdresser massages your head while washing it. Ugh, so good." β€”Heather Braga

    Get it from Amazon for $8.59+ (available in three colors).

    24. An OXO Good Grips keyboard and screen deep cleaning set for getting deep into those dirty keys and swiping all those smudges off of your screen. What do you mean you've never cleaned your computer?

    Gray, white, and orange fabric and plastic keyboard and screen cleaning kit

    "The three-in-one deep cleaning set has a handy microfiber cloth in a pouch, a firm-bristle brush to for crusted-on gunk (we all eat lunch at our laptops, admit it), and, my personal favorite, a clever pipe cleaner-like brush to get between your keys. I'm even more obsessed with the double-ended brush, which has a microfiber tip on one side and the WORLD'S SOFTEST retractable bristles on the other. Like, I use this thing more as a fidget toy and for petting the bristles than for cleaning!" β€”Katy Herman

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

    25. A Kaya faux-leather laptop backpack (fits most 15-inch laptops) with a deceptive amount of storage space that'll work just as well as an "everyday" bag as it does for travel.

    Kayla Boyd / BuzzFeed

    "It's the perfect size and it looks stylish and professional. It has a padded laptop sleeve and a lot of other pockets to keep my stuff organized. I can easily fit my wallet, some makeup, a notebook, and other daily essentials. But, my favorite thing about this backpack is that it never hurts my shoulders! It's seriously comfortable to carry around and the deep zippers make it easy to get in and out of." β€”Kayla Boyd

    Get it from Nordstrom for $105 (available in eight colors).

    26. A Casper "Wave Hybrid" mattress made with three layers of perforated breathable foam and cooling gel, so you can finally get that good night's sleep that your old mattress totally denied the existence of.

    A white Casper mattress on a green bed frame

    "I honestly thought I had a pretty good mattress until I moved and decided it was time to upgrade to the Casper. The first night I sunk into the Casper, I let out a giant sigh. It was just SO comfortable and made me realize how bad my old mattress really was. I like the hybrid because it has both foam and springs, so it's not too hard or soft. The Goldilocks of mattresses you might say. I've had it for five months now, and still LOVE getting into bed and hate getting out in the morning, so that says a lot." β€”Abby Kass

    Get it from Casper for $1346+ (available in six sizes).

    27. A pastel rainbow tie-dye pattern cloth face mask for looking good, breathing good, and feeling good all while doing good (in whatever order you wish to arrange those sentiments, totally up to you).

    A BuzzFeed editor in a pastel tie dye rainbow mask
    Emma Lord / BuzzFeed

    "Uhhh, I'm low-key obsessed with this face mask. It's double-layered but nice and cool, and great for power-walking and running β€” when I breathe in it doesn't block my mouth at all. It gets a little heavy from sweat if I run too far in it in the heat, but I really love it the feel of it, and how it manages to be protective and breathable at the same time. (It's also the cutest one I own by far, and I am a vain monster first, a human second.)" β€”Emma Lord

    Get it from Zazzle for $12.95.

    28. A two-pack of Dr. Teal's lavender Epsom salt soaking solution to make bathtime an even more calming and soothing affair while moisturizing your skin as you sit there and do absolutely nothing.

    Two blue plastic packages of Dr. Teal's Epsom salt

    "Dr Teal's Epsom salt is an important part of my pre-bedtime ritual. I'm a bath aficionado and have tried many (many) products in my tub β€” nothing compares to this classic. It has a heavenly lavender scent, relieves any aches and pains in my body, and helps me to relax overall." β€”Heather Braga

    Get it from Amazon for $17.33.

    Don't be worried if this was your reply to nearly every item on this list (it was ours too).

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