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    Updated on Jun 24, 2020. Posted on Jun 16, 2020

    Obé Fitness Is Offering 50% Of Your First Month (Plus A 7-Day Free Trial)

    Break a sweat working out without ever leaving the house.

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    Just like working from home has become a reality for many, so too has working out at home. While you might not need your old gym anymore (see ya later, smelly locker room), you do still need instructors to motivate you with challenging (but fun) classes.

    A group of five workout instructors posing and smiling

    Enter Obé Fitness, your new "gym membership" which offers live (seven days a week) and on-demand fitness classes at home. You get fit at your place and get to use your own shower (much better towels too).

    Right now Obé Fitness is offering 50% off your first month of membership fees when you use the code BUZZ50 when signing up. This is in addition to the 7-day free trial.

    A grid featuring instructors and types of training programs offered

    Standard membership fees for Obé are $27 per month and $199 for the year (which saves you about $125 and nets out to $0.55 a day).

    So how does Obé FItness work exactly? Well, it's a web and iOS app-based service, so if you've got a computer or smartphone and television, then you're all set.

    An instructor performing a Pilates workout

    You can connect your computer to your TV with an HDMI cable or cast Obé from the app using Chromecast, Apple TV, or Airplay. You're going to want to watch your workouts on the biggest screen you've got. Another option is Roku and Fire Stick or Fire TV.

    Obé offers up to 100 live classes per week with realtime instructors who are there to pump you up (emotionally) while you're pumping up (physically).

    A grid of workout instructors to choose from by their name and photo
    Obe Fitness

    But be ready, because these instructors will call you out by your name and your city in the middle of a workout. They're not bots, they're just like the instructors at your old gym who are invested in your health and making sure that you're gonna break a sweat.

    And if for some reason you miss a live class, don't worry. Obé has on-demand classes as well.

    The on-demand library and a grid showing different types of workouts

    They're the same 28-minutes classes as the live ones, but there are also 10-minute express classes for when you're crunched for time but still want to get in a few crunches.

    Obé classes are divided across three different pillars, the first of which is "Sweat" (aka your cardio classes).

    An instructor performing a cardio boxing workout

    We're talking about elevating your heart rate and increasing your stamina with dance classes (including some straight-up choreography). Getting a little more physical with Cardio Boxing classes and various methods of "High Intensity Interval Training." You can even bounce on a trampoline with a high-intensity, low-impact workout for strength, agility, and balance.

    Then there are the "Define" workouts that focus on developing strength...

    An instructor performing a strength-based workout with weights

    These classes include both Pilates workouts for core strength and stability and Barre workouts for building strength and endurance. "Sculpt" classes emphasize toning and lengthening your body while "Power" classes crank it up with some slightly heavier weights.

    The third Obé fitness pillar is "Flow," so we're talking about yoga and a whole lotta stretching here.

    An instructor performing yoga flow exercises on a mat

    Classes include 45 minutes of vinyasa yoga for loosening muscles and building strength. Add in some light weights for "Yoga Sculpt" classes and some additional toning. And then there's "Restorative Stretch" for some winding down.

    Now that you know what Obé is all about it's time to start working out!

    Two instructors flexing net to the phrase "Get with the program"

    It takes all of two minutes to sign up and you're ready to start your seven-day free trial immediately, no matter your current level of expertise (beginner, intermediate, advanced).

    Remember to use the code BUZZ50 to get 50% off your first month at Obé (in addition to that 7-day free trial).

    Instructor working out with light dumbells

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