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    21 Things From Nike That Reviewers Truly Love

    From hoodies to sneakers, the Swoosh has you covered head to toe.

    1. A cropped T-shirt with a big old Swoosh across the front for those times you're looking for something with an extra comfy, oversized, loose fit, and a regular tee just isn't going to cut it (even if you take a pair of scissors to it).

    A model wearing a white cropped T-shirt with a black Nike Swoosh logo as well as black Nike track pants

    2. A pair of Air Max 90s, because Air Max tech has been cushioning runners' feet since 1987. And just think how comfy these will be if you don't actually have any intentions of running in them.

    3. A light-support Indy sports bra for low impact workouts like yoga or Pilates featuring a back mesh panel for added breathability when you start to feel the burn.

    4. A pair of Air Force 1 Sage lows that updates one of the most iconic sneaker models of all time with a platform midsole and a pared-down upper for showing off a little more ankle.

    5. A pair of soft fleece joggers (aka fitted sweat pants) for looking casual but not too casual (re sloppy) when paired with some hightops thanks to those ribbed cuffs.

    6. A super-soft sportswear club fleece pullover hoodie with a kangaroo pocket so you can keep your hands or your tiny dog extra warm. Pretty much guaranteed to be "borrowed" by a significant other.

    Two models, both wearing the hooded sweatshirt in bright magma orange

    7. A pair of Air VaporMax Flyknit 3s for those looking for sneakers with some added bounce (thanks to the Vapor Max technology) and breathability (thanks to the stretchy and supportive Flyknit fabric) as well as a little high-fashion design thrown in.

    8. A pair of woven shorts with a mesh lining and back pocket drainage grommet for those days when you might want to jump in a body of water and then want to dry off quickly so you can otherwise go about your business.

    9. A training shirt that's all business at the gym with its sweat-wicking fabric and could probably pass for one of your regular cotton tees if you're behind on laundry.

    10. A pair of classic Cortez shoes so you can experience what runners during the 1970s wore on their feet when competing. The only competition you'll have to worry about though, is who will have the cleanest pair of kicks when you go out.

    11. A light-weight, sweat-wicking long-sleeve top that can easily be worn to, at, and from the gym and serves as the ideal middle layer over a tee or tank and under a track jacket.

    12. A pair of vintage-inspired Daybreak sneakers based on the original model from 1979, which aren't so much for running on the reg but letting everyone know you could still leg it out when the situation calls for it (but you'd totally prefer not to).

    13. A pair of sweat-wicking tights for all-day wear that will keep you dry. There's a slip-in pocket on the back waistband for your phone and a hidden pocket in the front waistband for keys and cards.

    14. A pair of React Infinity Run Flyknits to keep runners as far away from injuries as possible. There's less material in these shoes but more foam, which means a softer and more secure fit on your foot when it's pounding the pavement or the treadmill.

    15. A pair of vintage crops made from at least 50% organic cotton and recycled polyester fabric that feels just as comfortable on the bench press at the gym as it does on the couch at home.

    16. A pair of "all-white, high-top strap with the gum bottom" Air Force 1 High 07s which will most definitely have you singing Nelly songs every time you lace them up. You guys remember Nelly, right? "Give me two pairs, I need two pairs!"

    17. A half-zip running top, because even cold weather workouts can get hot and this sweat-wicking pullover allows you to comfortably layer underneath it while venting in some fresh air via that zipper.

    18. A pair of Nike Revolution 5s with those recognizable ripple-effect design lines and reflective piping along with full-length Air Max cushioning that could only have been created in the '90s. These are statement-makers but whatever that statement might be is entirely up to you.

    19. A water-resistant (in light rain) hooded windbreaker with a breathable mesh lining and ribbed cuffs for jogging in the elements or avoiding them altogether and hanging out indoors.

    Two models facing front wearing the same pink, blue, and orange hooded windbreaker, one is zipped up, the other is unzipped

    20. A pair of tight, stretchy pro shorts with sweat-wicking tech and plenty of support for those a little more serious about their athletic endeavors (re not for lounging around in).

    21. A pair of In-Season TR 9 training shoes for cardio and cross-training with a memory foam sock liner to keep things comfy on the inside and a mid-foot gore strap the keep things locked down on the outside.

    You don't need Nelly to tell you how great those Air Force 1s are gonna look on you but do give a listen to these reviewers and their love for their favorite Nike products.

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