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    21 Things That Will Make Your Next Move Your Easiest Yet

    Just a few helpful packing products for avoiding broken dishes, bed bugs, and a bad back during your next move.

    1. A mover's dolly that weighs about 10 pounds but can carry up to 1,000. Whether you're rearranging heavy furniture or disposing of dead weight, this carpeted, four-wheeler will become a better friend to you than those actual friends who bailed on helping you move your stuff in the first place.

    2. A four-pack of rot-, mold-, and mildew-resistant ratchet tie-down straps (with carrying case) to make sure furniture or boxes stay firmly put during transport to their new home.

    3. A full-size, heavyweight, machine-washable quilted moving blanket that's worth the extra few bucks for its professional quality (in both durability and protection) and it's post-move versatility (picnic blanket, car seat cover, pillow-fort topper).

    A model covering a wooden chest of drawers with and orange and black moving blanket

    4. A back support brace, because even though you've been (mostly) lifting from the knees, your spine can use all the support it can get when trying to move that vintage, mid-century credenza.

    A model wearing a black back support brace sinched around the lower back with crossed shoulder straps

    5. A tear- and puncture-resistant mattress bag for keeping all manner of disgustingness from getting onto or into your bed (yeah, we're talking about you, bedbugs).

    A reviewer's image of a large mattress covered with a clear bag

    6. A 16-piece set of furniture sliders for carpeted and hard floor surfaces to cut down on as much heavy lifting as possible. Why carry a couch when you can glide it instead?

    7. A three-pack of 32-liter collapsible storage bins that can be put to use after the move. Got nothing to store at the moment? No worries, these guys store themselves.

    8. A roll of heavy-duty shrink wrap which will make your dresser look like last night's leftovers but will ensure that nothing falls out or gets left out of the move.

    A model covering a piece of furniture on semi-transparent shrink wrap

    9. A Brother P-Touch portable label maker with three fonts, 14 frames, and more than 250 symbols, to organize random boxes so they aren't random anymore and save you time digging through them for whatever it is you're looking for.

    A label maker with a QWERTY keyboard and examples of the types of labels it can make in different colors

    10. A four-pack of Sharpie "King Size" permanent markers, because maybe a label maker isn't your thing and you just want to write as big as you possibly can on your cardboard canvas.

    A model's hand holding a large black ink Sharpie marker writing on a cardboard box

    11. A complete dinnerware storage set, which includes 48 felt protectors for plates, so your dishes, mugs, bowls, and glasses will be safely stored like they belong in a museum even though you bought them at Ikea.

    Round and square gray quilted boxes with zip-tops holding dishes and glasses

    12. A set of two retractable-blade box cutters, because all that cardboard piling up really needs to be cut down to size. Includes a handy refill pouch with five extra blades for when all that slicing gets dull.

    A box cutter with the blade extended about to cut some cardboard boxes

    13. A 30-piece bungee cords assortment jar to lock down, tie up, or otherwise secure anything that might go flying (or missing) during your move.

    Multi-colored set of bungee cords, ball ties, and clips in as well as a clear round plastic container with red top

    14. A 72-foot roll of bubble wrap that you need to promise you'll save and reuse again (because you can, and it cuts down on waste, and you don't have enough clothes to wrap everything you own).

    A model's hands wrapping a glass planter with bubble wrap

    15. A custom-designed, digital moving announcement, for when you've got some downtime to texting, email, or gram your friends and fam about your new destination.

    An iPhone screen with a colorful state outline and background announcing a move

    16. A six-pack of jumbo Spacesaver vacuum storage bags to increase storage space around the home, especially for bedding and out-of-season clothing. Not only do these bags come with a travel pump (in case you don't have a vac handy) but they also have a lifetime replacement guarantee.

    A before and after image of a pile of clothes on the floor versus the same pile that fits into a vacuum bag and takes up less space

    17. A six-pack of heavy-duty packing tape for keeping boxes secure and their contents from falling out until you slice them open again in your new abode.

    Six rolls of clear packing tape packaged together with a large blue and red label

    18. A multi-position, heavy-duty folding hand truck that totes up to 300 pounds of whatever you can fit on it, either upright on two wheels or a cart on four wheels. You've got options!

    19. A heavy-duty, collapsible chrome garment rack for easily wheeling clothing right out of your old place and storing your seasonal wears at your new place.

    A reviewer's photo of more than a dozen jackets hung from the metallic garment rack

    20. A bathroom shower curtain liner, because after a day of moving one of the worst feelings is looking forward to a long, hot shower only to realize that having no curtain will turn your new bathroom into a flood zone.

    A reviewer's photo of a clear shower curtain in the bathroom

    21. An Away carry-on suitcase to pack up all those things you'll need on your first night/next morning in your new place (toiletries, tool-kit, change of clothes, cleaning supplies, etc.).

    Three images of a pink away suitcase, closed, top-down, and opened with black interior, accents, and wheels

    You'll know you've had an easy and successful move when you don't end up with the "mystery box" at the end.

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