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    Legacybox Is Offering 40% Off To Digitize Your Old Photos And Videos

    It's time to bring those old memories and precious moments into the 21st century.

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    With all this time being spent at home, have you recently stumbled across any cherished memories trapped on some form of analog media?

    We're talking old photographs or negatives of friends and family that you haven't seen this century. Or video or audio cassettes that recorded your most precious and embarrassing childhood moments. Maybe even reels of film that you're not even sure of what's on them (and might be a little scared to find out).

    It's time to liberate that media and those memories! Legacybox is offering 40% off when you enter the promo code "BUZZ" at checkout.

    All it takes is a few easy steps to bring your old memories into the 21st century.

    First, you're going to pick what type of Legacybox will work best for the media you're looking to digitize.

    Normally, the "2 Item Starter" box allows you to convert up to two tapes, or two films, or two sets of 25 pictures for $59.99. But with that 40% discount, it will only cost you $35.99.

    Options run all the way up to the massive "40 Item Trunk" for converting up to 40 tapes, or 40 films, or 40 sets of 25 pictures for a fee of $1,099.99, which actually comes down to $659.99 with 40% off.

    While you're waiting for your Legacybox to be delivered in the mail, start rounding up that analog media and make picks for what you want digitized.

    Once you receive the Legacybox kit, follow the super easy step-by-step welcome guide that will walk you through how to add safety barcodes to every item.

    Once your Legacybox is full, slap on a pre-paid UPS shipping label, drop it off at a UPS location, and then forget about it.

    The pros at Legacybox will digitize every item by hand. Along the way, they'll send personalized updates at each step of the digitizing process. So much for forgetting about it.

    Finally, you'll receive all of your original media back along with digitized copies of your content.

    Your new old memories will come to you via a secure thumb drive, a digital download, or DVDs (remember those?). Now you can relive the joy (and maybe pain) contained therein.

    Editor's Note: I gave Legacybox a try and I can't thank them enough for giving me access to some of my favorite (almost forgotten) holiday memories from my youth.

    John Mihaly / BuzzFeed

    How metal is that 7-year-old dressed as the Grim Reaper for Halloween? Metal AF!

    And my first two G.I. Joes for Christmas? Should have kept them in their original packaging, kid! C'mon, knowing is half the battle.

    Ready to take that trip down memory lane? Head on over to Legacybox and enter the promo code "BUZZ" at checkout to get 40% off your order.

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