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    31 Somewhat Random Things To Buy For Your Home That'll Benefit You In The Long Run

    These will all come in handy, especially when you need them most.

    1. A mover's dolly that weighs about 10 pounds but can carry up to 1,000. Whether you're rearranging heavy furniture or disposing of dead weight, this carpeted, four-wheeler will become a better friend to you than those actual friends who bailed on helping you move your stuff in the first place.

    2. A Wi-Fi-connected smart plug for scheduling lights and appliances to turn on automatically or turning them off remotely in case you kept them running. Team the plug with Alexa for added voice control and setting routines and schedules.

    A white smart plug in a wall electrical outlet

    3. A 13-piece, stainless-steel knife set with six steak knives, kitchen scissors, and a peeler, so you'll never have to wonder, "How am I gonna cut that?" ever again. And with the included blade sharpener you'll be able to prolong the life of nearly all the knives.

    4. A can of fire-extinguishing aerosol spray for when you might not have space for a proper fire extinguisher. The nozzle sprays a wide area for 32 seconds of discharge putting out small household fires as quickly as possible. Plus its biodegradable formula won't leave a mess even after you've wiped it up.

    5. A nylon-coated 12-foot tape measure that you'll use for almost every home-related project, be it finding a new couch or hanging picture frames and will serve as a constant reminder to always measure twice, cut once.

    A bright yellow tape measure with an extended portion showing the actual tape measurements

    6. A two-pack of compact, collapsible, lightweight LED lanterns that are water-resistant and tough enough to withstand a 10-foot drop while keeping you illuminated in your darkest hours (up to 30 of them, in fact).

    7. A 16-gallon, Craftsman heavy-duty wet/dry vacuum, because sometimes a mop and a handful of paper towels won't be enough to handle major leaks and your regular vacuum just isn't built to inhale mounds of dirt.

    8. A massive Pyrex measuring cup (8 cups to be exact) to rule them all. Seriously, this microwave-safe, tempered glass marvel will be able to handle all of your mixing and measuring needs for a long, long time to come.

    A clear glass Pyrex measuring cup with red measurements in cups and ounces on the side

    9. A Rubbermaid folding, three-step, steel frame stool that safely solves the problem of having to precariously balance on a wobbly chair every time you want to reach the top shelf (and potentially save you a trip to the hospital).

    10. A non-electric, mechanical bidet toilet attachment for you to take that final step in sanitary cleanliness while saving money on toilet paper. Comes with an 18-month warranty just in case your think your bum is getting a bum deal.

    11. An easy-to-assemble ten-tier shoe rack, which can hold up to 50 pairs of footwear (depending on style) and is a lot better than throwing your kicks in a pile on the floor so they won't get scuffed up or damaged.

    12. A high-def, indoor/outdoor wireless home security system that’s ridiculously easy to install, even easier to monitor, and oh, did we mention the 365-day battery life from a single charge?

    13. A six-piece set of dishwasher-safe stainless-steel mixing bowls with colorful lids so you won't get all mixed up about what you put in them. For those really intense mixing-types, the non-slip silicone bottoms will ensure these bowls won't go flying whenever you start to whip things up.

    14. A Rachel area rug because, whether you rent or own, those hardwood floors are going to take a serious beating (even if you live in a "no shoes" household). Plus a good rug will make things just a bit quieter around the house.

    A neutral-color rug on a hardwood floor in front of a matching couch

    15. A 90-piece first aid kit (with antiseptic towels, butterfly closures, safety pins, fingertip strips, first-aid tape, eye pads, multiple band-aid sizes, and more) so that all minor household boo-boos and owies can be properly tended to.

    A red first aid bag with its contents neatly arranged around it including bandages and rubber gloves

    16. A Brother P-Touch portable label maker with three fonts, 14 frames, and more than 250 symbols, to organize random boxes so they aren't random anymore and save you time digging through them for whatever it is you're looking for.

    17. A rechargeable Black+Decker cordless driver that won't screw you over when you're drilling into wood, metal, or plastic (thanks to its 11-position clutch and two-year warranty).

    18. An enameled, cast-iron, Le Creuset Dutch oven (the name is French though) that you'll most likely be cooking meals with for the rest of your life. It's even easy to clean and won't chip or crack even after years of use.

    A lime green colored Dutch oven with its lid on sitting on a countertop

    19. A Stasher reusable food bag for phasing out unrecyclable single-use plastics. Why so pricey? Well, do you know of any other bags that can survive the fridge, freezer, microwave, dishwasher, and boiling water? We'll wait.

    20. A set of two retractable-blade box cutters, because all that cardboard piling up really needs to be cut down to size. Includes a handy refill pouch with five extra blades for when all that slicing gets dull.

    A box cutter with the blade extended about to cut some cardboard boxes

    21. An OXO Good Grips 4-gallon bucket with one unique feature that sets it apart from all the other buckets out there: a holder on the handle that will keep the mop upright so it's always at the ready and won't tip over and hit the ground.

    A white plastic bucker with handled extended while holding up a mop

    22. A gas-powered, portable generator for when the lights (and everything else for that matter) go out. Eight hours of run-time will power multiple electronics from high voltage appliances to heavy-duty tools. So, yes you can still watch TV while power sanding (although we wouldn't recommend it).

    A black and yellow portable generator being wheeled by an individual wearing blue jeans and brown shoes

    23. A surge protector power strip that will keep everything that's plugged in safe from spikes in voltage. But the real selling point is the ten roomy AC plugs that won't crowd each other and four USB ports for charging phones and tablets.

    An unplugged white surge protector with ten empty plugs and four empty USB ports

    24. A pancake batter mixer for whipping up waffles or flapjacks more often because you're not going to make such a big mess. Just add the ingredients, mix with the included blender ball, and pour out picture-perfect pancakes through the heat-resistant silicone spout.

    A clear plastic pancake mixer pouring batter onto a hot grill from its red silicone spout

    25. A handheld garment steamer, because things are always going to have wrinkles, you're usually not going to want to iron them, and hauling them to the dry cleaner gets expensive fast. It takes just 30 seconds to preheat and is safe to use on almost any type of fabric, be it clothing, bedding, or furniture.

    26. A dishwasher-safe, two-piece Boston Shaker set for shaking up Margs and Daiqs or stirring up Martinis and Manhattans every time you have booze-inclined friends over (which turns out to be quite a lot). After all, a more complete bar cart can save you quite a bit of cash that you'd spend at the actual bar.

    Two stainless steel drink shakers standing near and on top of the cardboard box they come in

    27. A queen-size inflatable bed with an internal electric pump for fast inflation (under five minutes) and deflation for those visiting friends who never want to spring for the Airbnb. The soft velvety top is no excuse for not having a spare set of sheets for guests, though.

    28. A digital scale that can save you so much time waiting in line at the post office by figuring out shipping rates at home (especially helpful if you're into eBaying or Etsying). Measure weights in pounds/ounces or kilos/grams for whatever your (hopefully legal) side hustle might be.

    A small silver and black home digital scale with a manila envelope being weighed

    29. An expanding accordion file folder/organizer for collecting all your most important documents and papers in one place. Thanks to the color-coded tabs, you'll never misplace a birth certificate, a W2 form, or other important physical documents ever again.

    A black plastic expandable organizer with multi-colored file folders and tabs for the months

    30. A six-pack of jumbo Spacesaver vacuum storage bags to increase storage space around the home, especially for bedding and out-of-season clothing. Not only do these bags come with a travel pump (in case you don't have a vac handy) but they also have a lifetime replacement guarantee.

    A before and after image of a pile of clothes on the floor versus the same pile that fits into a vacuum bag and takes up less space

    31. A heavy-duty, rustproof, mold-resistant, aluminum handle toilet plunger so whenever there's an unfortunate clog, you won't immediately need to call the plumber because you can go all Super Mario yourself on that toilet. And as an added bonus this plunger won't retain any unsanitary water inside.

    We know your home can often feel like a money pit, but most of these items will be investments and last a really long time, maybe even longer than the house. Thanks, Hanks! Bye, bye!

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