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    37 First Father's Day Gifts That Will Make New Dads Think, "Why Didn't I Have Kids Sooner?"

    From sneaker candles and speakers to baseball caps and boots, find something special for the proud (and presumably very sleepy) papa in your life

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Father's Day, shipping times can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the June 20th!

    1. A soy Air Max 1 sneaker candle with notes of citrus, amber, jasmine, dark musk, vanilla, and sandalwood, which is nothing like what dad's actual kicks smell like. Paternal sneakerheads can feel (smell) the burn for up to 50 hours.

    Model's hand with glass candle holder with black top and sneaker illustration on front
    Pretty Honest Candles / Etsy

    Pretty Honest Candles is an Etsy shop located in Charlotte, NC that makes natural soy, custom, and scented candles.

    Promising review: "These candles do not disappoint! The shipping was so fast (to Alaska!!!) and the candles were really well secured as to not break! The box packaging and branding were chic and eco-friendly! Highly recommend!" —Hannah Harris

    Get it from Pretty Honest Candles on Etsy for $30.

    Also available in Air Jordan!

    *Not guaranteed to arrive by Father's Day if ordered ASAP.

    2. A lightweight, ergonomically designed Sonos Roam portable speaker so dads can bring their beats (or, you know, "Baby Shark" when absolutely necessary) just about anywhere and stream directly from their devices via Bluetooth. The speaker's sound adapts to its surroundings and it's waterproof for the beach, pool, or small child who spills more than they ingest.

    White triangular-shaped Sonos speaker on a picnic cloth

    Promising review: "I have always wanted a portable Bluetooth speaker, primarily for the golf course. I've just never gone to the trouble of buying one. I'm already obsessed with Sonos, so when Roam came out, I knew it was time. I'm loving it for the golf course, but I find myself using it in the office, the garage, the kids' rooms, the patio, pretty much everywhere. It's not overly loud, but the sound is unbelievably full considering the compact nature of the unit. Couldn't be happier. Battery life is PHENOMENAL. I'm getting 9–10 hours out of my unit between charges." —Jeremiah, Fort Wayne, IN

    Get it from Sonos for $169 (available in two colors).

    Ships from June 18.

    3. A New Era Duck Camo fitted baseball cap with a stylish World Series side patch and an even more unexpectedly stylish pink under visor. It's MLB fashion, Dad! Look it up (in your baseball encyclopedia).

    Three fitted camo baseball caps with colorful team logos and patches
    New Era

    Honestly, it's a 59FIFTY fitted hat so if you've ever owned one you kind of know exactly how they fit and look. Just make sure you're up-to-date on the size of your dad's dome!

    Get it from New Era for $39.99 (available for 24 teams in sizes 6¾–8⅛).

    Note: some teams are starting to sell out.

    4. A Heykube 3x3 puzzle that gives a modern update to a retro game with guiding LED lights that give hints to allow dads to finally solve the cube game they wasted hours playing in their youth.


    I seriously thought my days of solving (or actually, not solving) a multi-colored, square puzzle box was left in the1980s (when I either lost or broke my original cube). No more peeling off and replacing stickers to make hard-reset. Now you've got LED lights and sounds to help guide you/teach you how to solve the puzzle. This is the perfect thing for someone (dad or not) with fidgety hands! Plus while there is an app to go along with the cube, it's still a screen-free device at the end of the day.

    Get it from Amazon for $79.99 (with promotion).

    5. A super-soft, body-adaptive, portable Walden meditation cushion made with natural materials for new dads to grab a minute (because that's all you can get sometimes) and take a breather, reflect, "be present," or just zone out and close your eyes (even though you're just resting them).

    Split image of a model holding maroon-colored cushion from handle and sitting on said cushion

    I want to meditate. I really do. And I have, but never consistently. As a father of two (that are two and under) spare moments are usually spent trying to remember all of the things I forgot to do during the day. So when given the chance to test out a Walden meditation cushion, I figured, why not? At the very least it would be one more comfortable place to park my tired ass. And while I haven't gotten much deeper into my meditation practices (I'm certainly staring into the abyss, not sure if the abyss is staring back) the cushion has given me ample excuses to sit down, catch my breath, and give myself a little time for, well, myself. It's certainly comfy and my son loves to plop down on it too for storytime. Worth it!

    Get it from Walden for $145 (available in five colors).

    6. A programmable, smart Google Nest learning thermostat so new dads can begin their unavoidable lifelong quest to control the temperature of their homes at all times. The Nest makes that journey a little easier thanks to its quick install, remote control access from digital devices, and voice-control via Alexa. I mean, have you seen the heating bill?

    A split image of the Nest thermometer, one would a blue screen showing indoor temps and one with a home screen showing day, date, and outdoor temps

    Promising review: "I gave this to my husband on Father’s Day and he LOVES IT!!! He installed it in about 15 minutes with no issues and quickly learned how to operate it from his iPhone. Also, when we’re away from the house for the day or for several days, he opens the app on his phone and turns on the air before we arrive home so that the house is cooled when we arrive — a fabulous treat and I’m sure a money saver on the utility bill as well!" —Tammy

    Get it from Amazon for $249+ (available in seven colors).

    7. A nonslip, super-cushiony Skip Hop baby bath kneeler pad because, unless you're getting in the tub, new dads are going to be praying (you're basically already in that position) for some much-needed support for their patellas from the unforgiving bathroom floor.

    A dual image of a blue whale kneeler hanging from the shower next to a model kneeling on the whale while tending to a child in the tub

    Soooo, this is Mr. Whale, at least that's what he's called in our house. My knees and I love him so much that I've even started to sing a song about him every night at bath time (come to think of it, it's more of a sea shanty). And it goes a little something like this: "He's Mr. Whale, he's Mr. Whale. He's got a tail(tale) telllllllll / When you set sail, please do not fail, to say hellllllllooooo!" It's just my little way of thanking him for his consistent quiet service in offering just the right amount of cushiness so I don't have to make that "old-man-getting-up" noise every time I've finished bathing my child.

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99+.

    8. A canvas and twill Hedley & Bennet Big Apron that's both longer and wider in full-body coverage to help new dads with all that BBQ grilling, workbench drilling, and, most importantly, to avoid all that messy kid spilling.

    Char colored apron with pocket
    Hedley & Bennett

    They say dress for the job you want so believe me when I tell you that when you put on this apron you feel like you can accomplish just about anything you put your mind to. Thanksgiving dinner? You've got this! The first grilling of the summer? If you've got the meat then I've got the heat! Home projects that'll leave a trail of sawdust in your ever-productive wake? Bring. Them. On. I love my Hedley & Bennet apron and I can't imagine that I'll ever need to buy another in my lifetime. It's that sturdy!

    Get it from Hedley & Bennett for $89+ (available in three colors).

    9. A 220-piece Plus Plus Boks Windmill desk set to decorate dad's workspace with a toy that's just as much fun for adults to play with as it is for the kids. Added bonus: they hurt a lot less to step on than Legos!

    Split image of white square box with colofrul plastic puzzle pieces
    Plus Plus

    The one toy that belongs to my son that I play with more than any other (especially when he's asleep) is his Plus Plus interlocking puzzle blocks. I can't keep my hands off them because they're just so satisfying for someone with fidgety hands (such as myself). But now there's a version for adults (or those of us pretending to be adults) that's basically a box (that serves as a base and for storage) where you can build anything from a windmill to a phone holder to whatever your imagination can think of. Just know that you're going to have to share this with your kids!

    Get it from Amazon for $24.99.

    10. A pair of Hari Mari Adobe Waxed Chocolate boots with soft-squeeze memory foam footbeds and high-density arch support so new dads can stay comfortable while on their feet all day without sacrificing any style (which is one of the first things to go).

    Two brown lace-up chukka boots with blue soles
    Hair Mari

    Promising review: "I've been interested in Hari Mari's spin on the desert boot for a while. The Waxed Suede version checked all the boxes for me and I am so glad I finally pulled the trigger. These shoes look great and are comfortable from day one." —Chad U.

    Get it from Hari Mari for $150 (available in sizes 8–13 and two colors).

    Note: Delivery for all orders is an estimated 3-7 business days from the time of processing.

    11. A pair of durable (but breathable) stretched, woven-canvas Western Rise AT slim pants which are totally dad-core (water and stain-resistant) but still look and feel nothing like ill-fitting khakis.

    Split image of blue-gray pants showing the cut as well as the back pocket zipper
    Western Rise

    While these might be the most expensive pants in your wardrobe, they certainly won't be hanging in your closet because you'll want to wear them every day. In fact, don't even invest in a hanger for them. As a new dad, your clothes are going to get stained and saturated on the reg so having a pair of pants that can withstand whatever your little one spews all over you is so clutch. They're a great fit and great for nearly any occasion (even falling asleep), you'll always feel put together when wearing them (even while everything else is seemingly falling apart around you).

    Get it from Western Rise for $128 (available in sizes 28–40 and five colors).

    Note: Expedited shipping options have been suspended temporarily as we relocate warehouses. However, please feel free to reach out if you do need expedited shipping and we will be happy to accommodate.

    12. A Sudski silicone shower drink holder, because a new dad needs to learn how to multitask and beer o'clock now takes place during the only time pops won't be interrupted (probably, maybe).

    Model's hand grabbing beer can from black shower drink caddy
    30 Watt

    Promising review: "So I haven't figured out how to talk the wife into a hot tub purchase yet so the next best thing is a shower beer. If you haven't tried, I would strongly suggest it. I've had this bad boy on the wall for a couple of months now, no issues. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS, and clean where your gonna put it first. Otherwise, it's Awesome." —Adam

    Get it from Amazon for $15.99 (available in five colors).

    13. A Líllébaby Serenity Airflow baby carrier to alleviate dad's soon-to-be-aching back while keeping their hands free. Use the backpack configuration and pretend you're Master Blaster from Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.

    Split image of a parent wearing the green baby carrier with the child held from the front and the back respectively

    Also comes with a convertible tote bag for handy storage when not using.

    Promising review: "I love the back support pad that this carrier offers, and the multiple positions that you can place baby in. The material is sturdy, breathable, and sewn together well. There are pockets for storing your phone, which is very handy. Easy to put on and take off once you get the hang of it. There is an expander piece you can buy if the belt is not wide enough for your waist, which my husband uses on his. We wear baby facing in with hood and head support up for nap times and facing out or on the back or side if wearing him outside or around the house while multitasking." —Windsor Reach

    Get it from Amazon for $146.99+ (available in three colors).

    14. A rechargeable, portable, lightweight Flyby deep tissue massage gun for combating all the impending body soreness one gets from lifting and carrying a small human that's constantly gaining weight.

    Black massage gun with neon green light and six attachments

    Comes with six attachments and provides 4+ hours of use per charge.

    Promising review: "My husband and I are both professional Licensed Massage Therapists. We work with a different brand of massage gun at our job. I bought this for my husband for his birthday in hopes it would be 'sufficient' for when we aren't at work and able to use the other brand. Well, we are both SUPER pleased with this purchase! It is pretty quiet while still delivering a powerful percussive therapeutic application. We have already used it multiple times to help each other with aches and pains and it has been tremendously helpful." —Andrea Nichelson

    Get it from Amazon for $69.99 (available in two colors).

    15. A Leatherman Free P4 that uses magnets to safely lock in all of its 21 tools when in use. Plus it comes with a hip belt sheath (it's OK, you're a dad now, wear it with pride) so it's ready to be deployed at all times.

    John Mihaly / BuzzFeed

    When my Leatherman went missing for a few months, I finally realized what a time-saver it was. Instead of grabbing the multitool from the junk drawer, I'd now have to drag my heavy metal toolbox from the back of the closet, no matter the size of the job. Such is apartment living. So when the kind folks at Leatherman offered to let me test the Leatherman Free P4 Multitool, I couldn't reply to the email fast enough.

    This gorgeous stainless steel model (that's made in the U-S-of-A) is bigger than the one I lost and packs in 21 different tools including pliers, wire cutters, knives, a saw, scissors, screwdrivers, and package and bottle openers to name a few. It can handle all minor household projects and a few major ones too, which is actually more than I can say for myself. But maybe with my new Leatherman, I'll unlock that next level of dad powers.

    Get it from Amazon for $139.95.

    16. A lightweight, compact Wise Owl Outfitters hammock (with nearly 30,000 reviews on Amazon) made from heavy-duty but super-soft parachute nylon with straps for mounting between two trees so pops can go for a swing or take an outdoor snooze.

    Split image of model relaxing in blue hammock and model reading a book in said hammock

    Promising review: "Bought this for my husband as a father's day gift. We've had bad luck with hammock wear, but this one is awesome! Very comfy and he and I can both lay in it or the kids join him. Love that after mounting the clips, we can take it down and it folds so small right into the bag that's attached. Great buy!" —Rebecca Coggins

    Get it from Amazon for $26.95+ (available for 1 or 2 people and in 15 colors).

    17. A stain- and sweat-resistant Carhartt short-sleeve cotton T-shirt to start building that dad wardrobe. And yes, the dad in your life will totally find some functional use for that front pocket. Bonus points for the tagless neck!

    Triptych image of model wearing the same T-shirt in blue, green, and orange

    Promising review: "I own four of these Force Delmont shirts and absolutely love them. The quality is really good and I like how they are closer to the body but not too close. I usually use one for work and the rest for fishing and camping. They are breathable and moisture-wicking which makes them perfect for work and outdoor activities." —Wilver B, Denver, CO

    Get it from Carhartt for $16.49+ (available in regular and big/tall sizes S–4XL and 16 colors).

    Note: Three-day, two-day, and next-day shipping options are available but will require 1-2 days for processing.

    18. A Tushy Classic 3.0 bidet seat, because if a father's home is indeed their castle then they should certainly have a throne that leaves their bums extra clean. Plus, every new dad could potentially use one less pain in the ass!

    White bidet seat with wooden knob mounted on toilet
    Tushy, hellotushy / Via

    Promising review: "At first, my wife was very wary about using a bidet, and at one point called the idea 'un-American' but now, neither of us can't imagine a world without it. Toilet paper lasts longer, water usage is down. Went to a cabin recently without a bidet and using the bathroom was the only bad experience about that cabin, I'm actually back to purchase the portable one and buy another for my second bathroom!" —John I.

    Get it from Tushy for $99 (with five different knob options).

    19. A Gravity classic cooling weighted blanket to reduce stress and anxiety (relatable for any new dad) and improve sleep quality (two words that new dads rarely use together). The moisture-wicking fabric is super breathable for hot sleepers so no need to worry about the night sweats!

    Model "sleeping" in bed under blue Gravity blanket

    Promising review: "I bought this for my husband. The transformation in his sleep has been nothing short of amazing. He sleeps all night now with no tossing or turning. He doesn't wake up in the middle of the night. I really thought he would have an issue with this blanket because he is such a naturally hot sleeper, but he doesn't at all. In short, I love this blanket because it has given me much better sleep at night as well. He no longer wakes me up!" —Nolalola

    Get it from Gravity for $139.30+ (available in three weights and three colors).

    Note: Orders are estimated to arrive within 5-7 business days of shipment within the continental US.

    20. A pair of Public Rec Every Day Joggers that new dads can think of as their "dress-up sweats." Perfect for developing dad-reflexes while endlessly chasing after crawling/toddling individuals with absolutely no regard for their own safety. Dad + Cardio = Dadio!

    Triptych image of a model wearing charcoal gray joggers
    Public Rec

    As luck would have it, right before heading off on paternity leave, I was able to sample a pair of Public Rec All Day Every Day Joggers. They certainly couldn't pick a better name because I did want to wear them all day, every day (and I definitely fell asleep in them a few times too). These joggers offer a comfortable fit while the cuffed hems give that nice tapered look.  The fabric isn't too thin or too thick (just right for any time of year). Plus, plenty of pockets (some hidden) that accommodate the wallet, keys, and phone quite nicely. And oddly enough, the faux fly gave them a pants-like look, which I'm really into. Most important: pairs well with all the sneakers in my closet.

    Get it from Public Rec for $98 (available in sizes 28x28–44x36 and eight colors).

    Note: In the U.S., free standard shipping takes 3-5 business days. They also offer two expedited services for domestic shipments, overnight and two-day, for an additional fee.

    21. A pair of L.L. Bean "Wicked Good" moccasins with a shearling lining that feels like a warm (and also moisture-wicking) hug each and every time you slip on them on. And that durable outsole means there won't be any slipping in these slippers.

    A side and bottom view of light brown LL Bean moccasins
    L.L. Bean

    Promising review: "I received a pair of these for Christmas of 2008 or 2009 and have worn them every winter since. When I got them, they were almost too warm with how thick and insulating the fur was, but I still wore them all the time. Ten years later, the fur lining is a little matted and wearing thin under the heels and balls of the feet but I still love wearing them. I haven't had to replace the laces or restitch anything on them. The tread has plenty of traction and grip to them that I have no problem getting the mail even when it is icy out with these on. I absolutely stand by these slippers and once these ones die, if they ever do, I will definitely be buying a new pair!" —Climber Dude

    Get it from L.L. Bean for $79 (available in sizes 7–14, two widths, and five colors).

    Note: Express shipping of 3 business days to the contiguous U.S. on all orders made prior to1 p.m. ET for $15. 

    22. A scale replica Playmobil Volkswagen T1 Camping Bus for dads who love classic Vee-Dubs and who will soon long for those days of road-tripping that didn't involve multiple restroom stoppages or tiny backseat drivers constantly inquiring, "Are we there yet?"


    Promising review: "I absolutely love this classic VW Camper which is a scale replica of the original split-screen van. As with other Playmobil products it comes requiring a little bit of assembly and sticker application. Along with the included two Playmobil characters the set comes with a multitude of accessories for the camper which enhance imaginative play for children; although some of the items are extremely small and would be unsuitable for smaller children. This set is equally as charming for adults and kids, who will be fighting over whose room it goes in." —DiscoStu

    Get it from Amazon for $39.97.

    23. A quiet but effective, remote-controlled Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac that'll give new dads a much-needed helping robotic hand while attempting to keep some semblance of cleanliness around the home.

    Round black robo vacuum

    Promising review: "Overall, I'm extremely impressed with this vacuum! I was hesitant about purchasing it (due to the number of options and features available in the market) but I'm so glad I did. We have two large, German Shepherd mixed dogs and this tiny vacuum does wonders on both our hardwood and carpeted floors, transitioning almost seamlessly from level to level. I'm able to schedule its run time via the user-friendly app, as well as program the cleaning cycle (whether it be auto, edging, 30-min quick clean, etc). We run it nearly every night on the full-powered "auto" cycle and I'm amazed at the dog hair it picks up. There's something so rewarding about waking up to fresh vacuum marks! It's done really well around edges and transitioning onto rugs, too." —Alyssa S

    Get it from Amazon for $179.99.

    24. A one-of-a-kind wallet made from old baseball gloves so dads can relive their little league glory days every time they open it up to pay for whatever sport, club, or activity their kid is currently into.

    Baseball Glove Goods / Etsy

    Note: every wallet is an original piece, limited to what is in stock.

    Baseball Glove Goods is an Etsy shop based in Republic, Missouri that repurposes old leather baseball gloves and turns them into wallets and key chains.

    Promising review: "Perfect! My husband loved the gift! such a unique idea and useful. Perfect size for a casual day. My husband immediately transferred his old wallet to this one! The quality exceeded expectations. Thank you!" —Heather Hendricks

    Get it from Baseball Glove Goods on Etsy for $85+.

    Note: Shipping not guaranteed to arrive by Father's Day.

    25. A motivational time marker water bottle to encourage dear new dad to keep chugging and stay hydrated during the grueling sleep-deprived days ahead.

    Water bottles with times of day and motivational messages on them

    Promising review: "I can honestly say I found a bottle I truly love. I’ve had so many gallons throughout the years but this one I truly love. The straw makes it so much easier to drink and keep drinking. On most days I’m pretty consistent with the markings on the bottle and I am able to finish my gallon. The big opening makes it super easy to clean and add ice. Purchased one for my husband also and he loves it." —Cyn_jay21

    Get it from Amazon for $20.99 (available in 11 colors).

    26. A reusable hold and cold therapy pack filled with jasmine rice which can be heated up in the microwave or chilled in the freezer. Helps with sore backs (take note new dads), headaches, earaches, acne, bruises, or just relaxing (which won't be happening anytime soon).

    A therapy pack in a light green stripe patterned cover

    Beloved Packs is a Black woman-owned business.

    Promising review: "I reach for my rice pack all the time to ease sore muscles or just keep warm. The weight of these packs is perfect and I love that I don’t need to be restrained by the cord of a traditional heating pad to get relief. I recently purchased two rice packs as gifts and I know they will be loved. The prints are beautiful and the quality is spot on." —Anonymous

    Get it from Beloved for $45 (available in nine colors).

    27. A pair of noise-canceling Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro True wireless earbuds so dads can get a little added peace and quiet while listening to tunes or taking calls for seven hours on a single charge (with up to three re-charges from charging case).

    Split image of blue earbuds inside of charging case and out

    Promising review: "I ordered these at launch and have not been disappointed by them yet. The one word of caution that I would give is to make sure you get the correct fitting tips on the earbuds. Having that seal when they are in your ear makes a lot of difference in the sound quality and the effectiveness of the Active Noise Canceling. Once you get that sorted, these Earbuds perform exceptionally well. The sound is clear and responsive across the entire range. They can sound a bit bass-heavy at times depending on the style of music that you are listening to but overall they come across as incredibly well-balanced. The Active Noise Canceling works beautifully and allows me to focus on the music (and in my case, work) without pesky interference. Pairing with my phone was quick and easy (less than two minutes). Subsequent connections have been near instant which is greatly appreciated." —Matthew Good

    Get it from Amazon for $129.99 (available in four colors).

    28. An Everlane Uniform denim jacket that's fashionable year-round (literally will never go out of style) and comes with a 365-day guarantee. So if there's a hole, fading, or shrinkage (not that kind) you can make a return for a brand new one.

    Split image of the front of a black denim jacket and the back worn by a model

    Promising review: "You can tell it is made very well when you open it from the box. It’s a great weight and I’m sure it will just keep getting better and better! True to size and nice clean cut. Dress up/Dress down. Excellent." —Ajas

    Get it from Everlane for $98 (available in sizes XS–XXL and two colors).

    29. A super soft and elegantly designed "Papa" T-shirt to let them know exactly who you are: the pater familias. But, you know, in much fewer syllables that are much easier for your very, very smol child to say.

    A heather blue t-shirt with a white square and the two sets of the letters PA stacked on top of each other
    Mamm Clothing / Etsy

    Mamm Clothing is an Etsy shop based in Texas that sells T-shirts with all sorts of creative designs.

    Promising review: "Love how comfy this shirt Is. The fabric is really nice and of great quality." —Ashley

    Get it from Mamm Clothing on Etsy for $10.90+ (available in sizes XS–2XL and seven colors).

    30. A pair of comfy, durable, and downright patriotic Stance Captain America socks that might not have the same lifespan as Steve Rogers but will survive the impending Infinity War that is new fatherhood.

    Split image of blue Captain America socks

    Promising review: "Perfect gift for my husband. Glad to find them on here since sold out in stores. Wears them often still holding up!" —Brandi L.  

    Get it from Amazon for $10.30+ (available in Medium and Large).

    31. A pair of retro-inspired New Balance 720s sneakers, because now that you're a dad it doesn't mean you have to wear those NB sneaks. You know the ones! But don't worry, in time these too shall be called "dad sneakers."

    A white and light gray sneaker with maroon and navy accents and logo
    New Balance

    I had to think about it but I've worn New Balance sneakers in four different decades now; when they were in style, when they were out of style, and all fashionable points in between. I can truly say that they've always been the most comfortable kicks I've ever worn and have never disappointed. No wonder so many dads wear them!

    Get them from New Balance for $69.99 (available in sizes 4–13 and two colors).

    Note: UPS 2-Day Air and 1-Day Air options available.

    32. A polished, aluminum Bialetti Moka coffee brewer so new, sleep-deprived papas can get that super strong cup of percolated perfection to start their day (or get them through the night).

    A metal Bialetti coffee brewer sitting on a stovetop burner

    Promising review: "I've used the Bialetti stovetop every morning for six years and love the ease and minimalism — no cords, nice to look at. Finally upgraded from a six-cup to a nine-cup (which really makes two cups of coffee since I'm not making tiny teacups of espresso) and really happy. Make sure to follow the instructions and never immerse in cold water while still hot as this will warp the metal and affect the seal which will prevent the thing from working (trust me here, the voice of dumb experience)." —Vern Boggs

    Get it from Amazon for $33.55+ (available in six sizes).

    33. A print of iconic cars (and trucks) from nearly any film or TV series like the Pursuit Special from Mad Max and The Porkchop Express from Big Trouble In Little China.

    Cars And Films / Etsy

    While the Kia Sorento is dad's reality, let him indulge in a little four-wheeled fantasy!

    Cars And Films is an Etsy shop based in Seville, Spain that has created a series of movie posters about iconic cars and films (and TV shows).

    Promising review: "Great purchase! Arrived well within the time frame given and the quality of the prints is fantastic. Nice heavy-weight paper with vibrant colors. Highly recommend!" —Adam Berndt

    Get it from Cars And Films on Etsy for $29.30

    Note: Shipping not guaranteed to arrive by Father's Day.

    34. A pair of UV-resistant, quick-dry, wicking Bonobos Anywhere Shorts to wear, well, anywhere really. Dad's often only own one pair of shorts and if that's going to be the case these are the ones they should own.

    Triptych image of a model front and back of model wearing blue shorts that hit at mid-thigh and a close up of the elastic waist band and tie

    Promising review: "Great shorts. The shorts remind me of swim trunks, but more versatile. They could easily be utilized as trunks on a short out-of-town weekend as they dry fast. I normally wear a large in most elastic/drawstring shorts. I needed to size down to a medium." —Dev

    Get it from Bonobos for $89 (available in sizes XS–XXL, two lengths, and six colors).

    Note: Order by 6/12 for Father's Day delivery.

    35. A slim but durable Anker portable charger power bank for making sure a new and very forgetful dad's Galaxy or iPhone doesn't run out of juice at the absolute worst time (like during a meltdown that only a YouTbue Kids video can cure).

    Model holding black charger battery pack in hand

    Promising review: "I like the solid and sleek construction. Fits easily in my pocket. Most importantly it works! Fast charging, enough capacity to charge my phone multiple times over multiple days, and withstands plenty of me dropping it and yanking the cord out awkwardly and accidentally. This is the 4th Anker charger I’ve owned. I share them with my family and use all 4." —Joe Hull

    Get it from Amazon for $22.99+ (available in two colors).

    36. A Philips Norelco BT9000 Prestige beard and hair trimmer so new dads can look a little less disheveled in those first few months and beyond! It's also waterproof so you can save some time by shaving in the shower.

    Silver and black electric razor with black shaving head and case

    Promising review: "So I also have the Norelco multi trim series but as it comes with around 25 attachments it became a huge pain to keep track of all of them over the years. Additionally, even when using the attachments, it would not trim my beard evenly. Which led me to just growing out my beard and then just buzzing it all off. Now I can quickly change the trim setting and it does a great job of cutting evenly." —Dusty Nelson 

    Get it from Amazon for $99.99

    37. A Fujifilm Instax Mini instant camera bundle that'll instantly print full-color photos to send to those family members who don't do digital. Honestly, what new dad has the time to order actual printed photos of their newborns?

    White camera with complete package of film, batteries and bag

    Promising review: "We saw someone use this at a 40th birthday party for people to tape to a poster board so I bought one for my wife’s 10-year anniversary party at her job. Our oldest had never seen anything like it and fell in love and uses it almost as much as her SLR. She uses it in different ways for projects and things. Big hit even with our younger kids!" —C. Bartholomew

    Get it from Amazon for $114.95.

    These might be some of the best Father's Day gifts out there for new dads...that is until the kids are old enough to ask you this (punches thigh thinking that will somehow hold back the tears welling in both eyeballs).

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