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48 Of The Best Toys And Gifts For 7-Year-Olds

Lucky for the 7-year-old in your life that you've got this list, especially around their birthday and the holidays.

1. A Taco vs. Burrito card game (actually created by a 7-year-old) to turn game night into a food fight by adding "disgusting but adorable ingredients" (via cards assigned point values) to your favorite Mexican meals.

2. A rechargeable kids' karaoke microphone with four voice effects (high pitch, low pitch, chipmunk, and echo) for young crooners to sing along with their favorite songs (via Bluetooth connecting with a music app) or to 30 included Motown hits (like “Superstition”!).

Reviewer's image of hand holding toy microphone

3. A "magical" CMY cube (cyan, magenta, yellow) that can be an easy anxiety reliever for kids (and adults) as they twist and turn the geometry to create new color combos.

4. A Moving Creations with K'nex building kit for young STEM enthusiasts who'd love nothing more than to build working rockets, catapults, and multiple science-based experiments (that won't result in any damage to the home).

Child model playing with K'nex building kit
Packaging for building kit with a launching rocket

Promising review: "Bought for my nephew. He totally loved it. Great manual included!" —sarahi

Get it from Amazon for $34.99.

5. An Educational Insights Circuit Explorer Rover for exploring the world of simple circuitry through buildable space-based vehicles and play sets. if your kid shows any interest in engineering or NASA then this is a must-get toy for them.

Set of circuit explorer toys in orange, blue, and silver
Model's hands building a wheeled space explorer toy

I had a chance to see this play set in all of its glory earlier this year at Toy Fair and I've been anxiously awaiting its release. It reminds me so much of space-related toys I grew up with like Robotix or Starcom. But these sets are next level and teach the very basics of building a circuit and, well, making things go! Can't wait until my son is old enough to play with these!

Get it from Amazon for $25.99.

6. A two-pack of Pop Fidget llama sensory toys that kids will literally decompress in order to, well, decompress themselves if they're feeling stressed or anxious. Such a simple (and helpful) solution.

Reviewer's image of two colorful llama fidget toys

7. A glow-in-the-dark Crayola light-up tracing pad with 100+ traceable images so aspiring artists (and inkers) can hone their artistic skills via the medium of colored pencil.

8. A ThinkFun Gravity Maze falling marble logic game because kids love marbles and adults love when marbles are contained and aren't spilling out all over the floor.

Model's hand dropping marble into maze game

9. An augmented reality interactive globe for exploring 1,000+ world facts (via an app) spread across categories like animals, cultures, monuments, inventions, maps, and cuisines of the world.

Split image of reviewer's photos of children playing with globe and tablet and passport stamp book

10. A ThinkFun Dog Crimes logic and brainteaser game with 40 canine-themed mysteries to solve, like "Who ate the homework" and "Who took a massive...," well, maybe not that one.

11. A 5,500-piece bucket of Perler beads — pieces of which you'll be finding around the house well into the kid's teen years — but hey, nothing combines arts and crafts with ironing quite like this.

Split image of side and top down view of a bucker of Perler beads

12. An indoor/outdoor hanging seat hammock to give kids a peaceful place to escape to while enjoying the soothing swinging sensations from their own little above-ground nook.

reviewer photo of their kid (with a heart graphic covering their face) in a hanging hammock chair

13. A National Geographic Mega Crystal Growing Lab that makes chemistry fun and colorful for the kiddies. Grow blue, pink, red, purple, green, orange, yellow, and teal crystals and make them glow with a night-light display.

Multi-colored crystal lab

Promising reviews: "My 6-year-old loved this. It's a great opportunity for hands-on science and teaching basic lab safety and techniques. We made one to two crystals at a time and improved our processes along the way. One batch we left for four weeks and they were a lot larger than the 7–10-day crystals so let some grow longer if your kids allow! Also, it comes with some sample gems and a small book on gems. My 6-year-old found it really interesting and brought the book and gems to school to share with her class. Great set. Highly recommend." —Sarah

Get it from Amazon for $29.71+ (available in two sizes).

14. A kids' origami kit that inlcudes 54 different paper projects (and luckily 55 pieces of paper) for nimble little fingers to learn the fine art of paper folding. Just be prepared for the migration of cranes that will soon be landing all over your home.

15. A vintage-style personalized initial cap with wool lettering because the kids are still young enough not to have the lifelong pain of your personal sports fandom fully inflicted on them just yet. "But daddddd, the Mets suck!"

Red and navy baseball caps with single white block letters

16. A Popdarts suction cup throwing game to encourage players young and old to put down the screens and engage with some good old-fashioned family fun (and competition). There's no more satisfying sound than hearing on of these darts stick to a surface!

Reviewer's image of green, blue, and orange Popdarts stuck to countertop

17. A pair of foldable, pop-up soccer nets with a carrying case so no matter the pitch, the kids will be able to practice or play some footie. Goallllll!

18. A five-pack 3D coloring puzzle set that's equals parts calming and chill (the coloring) and problem solving (the puzzling). And instead of putting the puzzle back into the box, kids can display their colorful works of art in their rooms.

Model's hands coloring pieces of 3D puzzle

19. A Roblox Ninja Legends deluxe play set that puts the online gaming world of Roblox in the hands of lil' ninjas to build their favorite characters exactly how they want with an array of mix and match accessories.

Complete Roblox ninja set and packaging

20. A Whirly Board spinning balance board made from Canadian maple skateboard decks topped with grip tape for fun agility training (for kids and adults), especially for those future skaters of America!

Split image of child model balancing on board juxtaposed with top and side views of wooden board

21. A waterproof pair of walkie-talkies that includes two compass bracelets and 22 channels that work up to a 3-mile distance. This is a great "get-them-outdoors" type of prezzie. Over and out!

Pair of black and camoflauge walkie talkies and compass bracelets

22. A durable, light-up-the-sky RC-controlled quadcopter drone with protective guards (no fingers getting sliced by the propellers) and one-click takeoff/landing so newbies can get a handle for flying/hovering right out of the box.

23. A vinyl Organauts figurine to teach curious children about the organs of the human body with super fun (and kind of gross, but cute-gross) characters like Captain Aorta Hart (heart), Mr. Cortex (brain), Nom (stomach), and more!

Lineup of fiver colorful Organauts figures

24. A portable basketball hoop with a shatterproof backboard to defend against "Shaq attacks" that adjusts in increments of 6 inches from 7.5 to 10 feet to grow with the game and height of little hoopsters.

Split image of kids playing backyard basketball under hoop and model adjusting height of backboard

25. A soap and bath bomb making kit to save a trip to Bath & Body Works while teaching some chemistry to the kids. Mix citric acid, baking soda, Epsom salts, baby oil, coloring, and fragrances into molds to create some DIY bath time fun.

Split image of child and parent playing with bath bomb kit and the packaging for said kit

26. A KidKraft x Nerf Scout Geo Strike headquarters to create an actual base (or in this case, a geodesic dome) for all those backyard blaster battles. Potential bonus for parents: getting all those Nerf darts out of the house (for now).

27. An Uno "Nothin’ But Paper" card game made from fully recyclable materials (for the first time ever). Now kids can get as much enjoyment from helping Mother Earth as they do from dropping a Wild Draw Four card whenever they play.

Models playing Uno card game
Green packaging of Uno cards

Ages 7+

Promising review: "Soy-based inks, recycled content paper, no harmful chemicals and no plastic (well, except the Amazon envelope it came in — sadly). Exactly what we wanted for our family to play with!" —Borys & Lindsay

Get it from Amazon for $7.68.

28. A flying-off-the-shelves-faster-than-we-can type-this Squishmallows Food Squad plush stuffed toy that might become the modern-day version of Beanie Babies (so you can totally relate to a child's obsession with super-soft cuteness).

29. An itty bitty Baby Yoda Bluetooth speaker to clip onto their backpack or blast fave tunes in their room. But don't be fooled — reviewers say what it lacks in size, it makes up for with some serious out-of-this-galaxy sound.

30. A 3D light up dinosaur water bottle certain to make them say "raaaawr" out loud every time they take a sip of water.

A child drinking from a green lit up dino cup near a teal lit up water bottle

31. A cat-shaped night light because every kiddo deserves a *purrfectly* cute bedside pet. Bonus: This one won't throw shade — quite the opposite.

32. An affordable drone probably because most kids have been begging for one for months. This will *propel* you to instant fave status.