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    21 Baby Products I Quietly Mocked But Am Now A Huge Fan Of

    Go a little extra for the little one in your life.

    1. A fancy and famous French giraffe named Sophie who's been chewed on and chewed up by teething babies for over 50 years.

    2. A three-stage swaddle/sleepsack for babies to throw their hands in their air and keep them there like they just don't care (at least until they're ready to roll over).

    3. A baby carrier, which will allow you to pull off a completely functional version of the fashion harness look.

    4. A time- and life-saving formula dispensing machine for mixing and warming ba-bas in a matter of seconds.

    5. A lightweight, collapsible stroller sure to turn heads of gobsmacked parents when you fold it right up and toss it right into your backpack or carry-on bag.

    6. A magic sleep suit that will make your baby look like the Michelin Man but will help them sleep like Bedtime Bear.

    7. An Interactive Activity Center packed with, well, activities which will grow with your child.

    8. A sterilizer and dryer for winning the war against the staggering amount of funky-smelling baby bottles currently amassing in your kitchen in a desperate attempt to overthrow the ever-changing status quo.

    9. A nasal aspirator for (we're not going to mince words here) sucking the snot straight from your baby's nose.

    10. A backpack that doesn't necessarily look like a "baby bag" but does everything you want a baby bag to do (in many different colors).

    11. A do-it-all baby monitor for next-level, 24/7 information gathering (aka spying) on your child from any location via your smartphone.

    12. A set of foam play mat tiles you can arrange in multiple design patterns that thankfully won't clash with the rest of the room (because gray and cream go with everything).

    13. An electric nail trimmer for giving your baby's Wolverine-like claws a supersafe mani/pedi without the need for unwieldy clippers.

    14. A non-greasy body lotion that will make baby-soft skin baby-softer (which is a thing that is possible).

    15. A plush pachyderm named Flappy that sings and plays peak-a-boo with its animatronic ears.

    16. An expertly-designed stroller which will make you feel like a high roller (Parent Swag!) despite the fact that your baby is filling it with a non-stop flow of crumbs and saliva and saliva-coated crumbs.

    17. A pair of stroller hand warmers which will make a lot more sense than a pair of gloves when you're cruising for diapers and formula out in the soul-crushing cold.

    18. A brush built specifically for cleaning baby bottles and nipples, so don't even think about using it on those dirty dishes clogging up the sink.

    19. A plush hooded bath robe for transforming your infant into a cuddly creature of your choice after any harrowing bathtime adventures.

    20. A rattle and sensory teether toy for newborns to listen, touch, and taste (or for the Avengers to keep out of the hands of some intergalactic super villain).

    21. A box of fragrance-free baby wipes made of 99.9% water for baby bums and sensitive skin which can also double as a makeup remover.