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What Is Consent?

Check out this post and see what consent is, and if you have it next time you get intimate.

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Consent is also...

...given by words, as long as those words create a clear, unambiguous, sober, permission regarding willingness to engage in sexual activity. Consent is active, not passive. It is required at every new act engaged in.

How to ask for consent:

"Is this ok?", "Do you want to do this?", "Can I touch you there?", " Are you ok to move forward?" "Can I do that to you?" or more. If you are unsure: ask. Obtain a clear answer with your partner for consent.

At any time, either party in an act can say "No".

If the other person says no at any time, you no longer have consent. Silence or lack of resistance is not consent. A person may retract consent as well. If they start and act, and do not want to move forward, they may stop.

For more information on consent or to report any forms of sexual misconduct, be sure to check out Shepherd University's resources.

You can report any events of misconduct to the Title IX office in Gardiner Hall, Room G-16. You can also call 304-876-5067 or visit them online at You can also speak to members of Counseling Services, also in Gardiner Hall. Call 304-876-5161 or visit for more info. All Shepherd employees have information and resources to help you in any situation. Feel free to contact them with any questions you may have.

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