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The 3-D Duck Plays Hide And Seek!

Find out what you get if you find the 3-D Duck.

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Meet 3-D Duck

Hide and Seek is the name of the game for the 3-D Duck.

Find the 3-D Duck on 3-D Thursday; return it to the Heath Center in Gardiner Hall and you can win a $10 Sheetz Gift Card.

Do you know what the 3-D's are?

The 3-Ds are Direct, Distract, and Delegate. They are all methods of bystander intervention which can apply to many situations when someone is in trouble. Stop by one of the Stand Up, Don't Stand By events to learn more about what you can do to help.

Check out some of our online resources!

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Title IX:

Student Affairs:

Residence Life:

Shepherd Police:

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