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Stand Up, Don't Stand By. Do You Know What This Means?

Take a look at the idea of the 3-D Campaign at Shepherd University: Stand Up, Don't Stand By.

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If you haven't seen it by now, you probably will: Stand Up, Don't Stand By and 3-D.

But what even is this campaign about? And what makes it 3-D?

Stand Up, Don't Stand By is a bystander intervention campaign.

It originally was focused on interpersonal violence, sexual assault, and harassment, encouraging people to help out in anyway they could to stop sexual based misconduct from happening. Since its start, it has evolved to encourage intervention in any kind of misconduct from discrimination to assault. Shepherd's goal with the program is to make a safe campus and community where people are willing to stand up and help.

But what does the 3-D part of it mean?

Direct, Distract, and Delegate are the three parts of the campaign.


Direct intervention is basically the same as it sounds. When a person sees something that could be going wrong, they go straight to the problem. This could look like a person telling another to stop harassing someone, stepping in between an argument, or removing a person from a situation. Direct intervention finds the root of the issue and solves it on the spot. This method often involves the most direct confrontation.


When we talk about distract in the 3-D's, its focuses on creating a diversion as a means to help someone in a tough situation. An example of this would be spilling a drink that you saw someone drop a pill into, or asking to take a picture with someone that is leaving with a person they don't know. The distract method is sometimes more comfortable than the direct method because there isn't as much confrontation involved.


The delegate part of 3-D involves reporting what you see to someone else to help. This idea is good for people who may not be comfortable with stepping right into a situation, but still see that a person is in need. A person can find help from a security or police officer, a bar tender, a friend, or anyone willing to step in to find out what is happening.

What does the 3-D program even do?

Stand Up, Don't Stand By hosts events such as 3-D Thursday, the 3-D Dash 5k, collaboration with athletic events, the Red Flag Project, The Shoe Project, and many more events to help raise awareness to end interpersonal violence.

How can you get involved?

There's a ton of ways to get involved. Stop by some of the 3-D Thursday events, look out for the green signs on campus, or speak to other Shepherd students and staff that are involved! 3-D Events happen numerous times throughout the semester, so you have plenty of chances to volunteer some time to one of the events.

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