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Relevant Rams Spotlight: Dr. Ann Wendle

Take a look at this interview with Dr. Wendle, Shepherd's Dean of Students to find out what she thinks it takes to be a Relevant Ram.

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Dean of Students, Dr. Ann Wendle, knows what it takes to be a Relevant Ram.

Dr. Wendle stepped into the Dean of Students position in January 2017 and is already making a positive impact on campus. She oversees campus offices including Student Conduct, Veterans Affairs, Counseling Services, Multicultural Student Affairs, just to name a few. She will also be teaching a course in the College Student Development and Administration graduate program. Dr. Wendle has served in the U.S. Army and has earned a Doctorate from Old Dominion as well as Bachelors and Masters degrees from Shippensburg University. Along with her passion for Higher Education, Dr. Wendle is a visual as well as performing artist, creating ceramic, metal, and wood pieces as well as enjoying dance.

What is your role at Shepherd and how does it relate to the "Relevant Rams"?

"I am the Dean of Students, I work with students to create an avenue for what students want to talk about on campus"

How do you think alcohol and drug use effect the Shepherd student population?

"I believe that alcohol and drug use impact students in ways that are unexpected to them. Often students end up with real life consequences that could have been avoided"

What is your preferred 3-D Stand Up, Don't Stand By method-direct, distract, or delegate?

"Speak directly to an individual, ask them a question unrelated to the situation to distract their train of thought and then ask someone for help"

What advice could you offer to someone struggling with mental illness or substance abuse?

"Reach out. In addition yo using counseling services, get connected with someone you can 'check in' with"

How would you suggest a student get involved at Shepherd?

"Go to programs, talk with the Residence Life Staff, volunteer your time"

What advice would you offer someone who is in a situation of relationship or interpersonal violence?

"Seek Support though our staff and campus resources."

As a Shepherd Administrator, how have you seen the student population come together on issues like mental illness, alcohol, drugs, and interpersonal violence?

"The climate on campus is caring. If there is an issue, we don't need to rally for support because it is already there. Everyone is willing to come together for the sake of others"

What do you think it takes to be relevant as a Shepherd Ram?

"Openness, interest, and creative initiative"

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