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Play This Interactive Game And See How You React

This game takes you though a night out and changes based on your responses on bystander intervention

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How do you react when you hear someone being "cat-called"? What about when you see a friend that looks uncomfortable with a stranger?

This game puts you right in the shoes of a student and prompts you to make choices based on the situation. These are real-life scenarios that may happen as college student. Find out how you will react

At Shepherd University, you have many resources available to you if you find yourself or someone you know needs help in an interpersonal violence or sexual misconduct situation.

You can reach out to a number of people who will give you resources, a person to listen, and will help you move forward in the manner you wish.

Title IX Office

The Title IX office handles all Sexual and Gender Based Misconduct. You can report your situation to this office in Gardiner Hall, room G-16. This office has access to a number of resources that can assist you in any way you wish. You can call them at 304-876-5067 or visit them online at

Counseling Services

Counseling Services is a confidential support service that allows you to talk about any situation you may have been involved in. They also have a number of resources that allows you to report incidents if you wish. You can visit them in Gardiner Hall by stopping at the Health Center. You can call them at 304-876-5161 or visit them online at

You also have a number of on-campus professionals that can assist you with resources.

Residence Life has RAs throughout the Residence Halls and professionals in Miller Hall. You can also contact Shepherd Police by calling 911 or 304-876-5202 for non-emergency calls. Professional Offices are also located in the Student Center and Academic Halls throughout campus.

Off Campus assistance is available as well.

The Shenandoah Women's Center offers a variety of resources at; you can report crimes to your local police department as well. Overall, we want you to know that Shepherd University and community has the resources to help you at every turn!

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