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Find Your BAC With This Interactive Virtual Drinking Game

This game takes you through a night of drinking, and with your stats, tells you what kind of drinker you are.

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"What Kind of Drinker are You?" takes you through a virtual night out

You can pregame, go to a party, a bar, or a frat house and calculate your BAC after your drinks. It includes beer, wine, liquor, and mixed drinks. The games you play at certain BAC levels show how alcohol affects you.

At Shepherd University, be sure to check out your real-life resources.

Visit the Health Center or Counseling Services in Gardiner Hall for some info on BAC and alcohol. You can find them online at or call 304-876-5161 to make an appointment. If you live on campus, find your RA and ask them about resources they have as well. You can also speak to a number of Shepherd Employees to help you find great on and off campus resources!

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