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Crazy Facts I Bet You Didn't Know About Marijuana

How much do you know about marijuana? Find out some things that are not widely known about marijuana!

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1. New studies show heavy marijuana smokers are at greater health risks as cigarette smokers.

Since a majority of marijuana and tobacco is smoked, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases and complications are common.

2. The U.S. Government had an official expert on marijuana appointed from 1938-1962 that had to testify in court.

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Under oath, he testified that when smoking marijuana, he turned into a bat. Trippy, huh?

3. The very first thing bought and sold over the internet was marijuana in 1971.

A Stanford student bought marijuana from an MIT student

4. The active ingredient in marijuana is called THC (tetrahydrocannabinol)

This is what creates the mind-altering affect when marijuana is used.

5. Marijuana can cause numerous health issues past respiratory problems.

In the short term, memory problems, paranoia, hallucinations, lowered reaction time, impotence in males, and coordination issues- which is why you can be charged with a DUI after using marijuana. In the long term, impaired thinking, relationship issues, addiction, financial issues, poor mental performance, and even declines in IQ have been found.

7. Studies found that men are twice as likely to use marijuana than women.

Using marijuana 3 or more times a week is considered heavy usage. It's also been found that women are more sensitive to the effects of marijuana during ovulation and are more likely do develop a tolerance to the drug.

8. In college, President Barack Obama was a member of a group that played basketball and smoked marijuana called the "Choom Gang".

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President Obama isn't the only president said to partake; Thomas Jefferson and George Washington grew plants on their plantations. Even Betsy Ross' first American Flag was made from the hemp plant.

9. Marijuana raises heart rates, which may increase the risk of heart attack and other heart issues.

Older people and adolescents, as well as people with heart issues are at the highest risk for marijuana related heart issues.

10. Marijuana could become a gateway drug.

The use is linked to other addictions such as nicotine found in cigarettes. Studies show that THC makes the use of other drugs more pleasurable to the brain. Although they are linked, it doesn't necessarily mean that marijuana users will go on to use "harder" drugs.

11. Marijuana is a drug of many names.

It's also referred to as Cannabis, weed, pot, grass, herb, Mary Jane, Reefer, MJ, Skunk, Kif, Gangster, Boom, Chronic, Ganja, and more. It's estimated 160 million people worldwide use it.

12. Hemp and Cannabis plants are the same spiecies

The major difference between the two are that Marijuana producing plants contain THC, industrial hemp plants do not produce THC acid, the active, mind altering substance.

14. If you have questions, need help, or would like help for someone you know when it comes to marijuana use, please don't hesitate to ask.

At Shepherd University, you can find help if you need it. Resident Assistants in the residence halls, Student Affairs, Counseling, and a range of other SU staff are more than willing to get you in the right direction. RAs and Residence life can be reached in your residence hall, or in Miller Hall, at 304-876-5172. Counseling Services is located in Gardiner Hall or at 304-876-5161. Student Affairs is in the Student Center or by phone at 304-876-5214. You can also reach a Shepherd Police Officer by calling 911 or 304-876-5202 for non-emergency questions. We want you to know, while at Shepherd, you and your safety are our top priorities.

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