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Crazy Facts I Bet You Didn't Know About Alcohol

How much do you really know about alcohol? Here' a few facts that go unnoticed about alcohol

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1. Most fruit and vegetables contain small amounts of alcohol. Don't worry, you won't get drunk my eating an apple; there's less that 0.1% ABV in fruit juice.

2. Astronomers have found alcohol in space. That's right. There may be aliens out there. Intoxicated Aliens.

4. In Ohio, getting a fish drunk is illegal. Likewise, you cannot feed Moose alcohol in Alaska. I'd like to know the story behind this one...

5. A pint of beer(12oz), a glass of wine(5oz), and a shot of liquor(1.5oz) all contain the same amount of alcohol. It's called a standard drink.

7. When you black out, you don't really forget what happens. Your brain just loses the ability to create memories. Kinda scary.

If a person is blacked out, they may still be functioning, but are incapable of remembering anything that may have happened. Blackouts can lead to major brain damage.

9. Binge drinking is considered 5 or more drinks for females and 4 or more drinks for males over a period of 2 hours. This could put a person over the legal limit, at risk for alcohol poisoning, or much worse.

Eating before drinking, drinking water, and giving alcohol a break can help reduce your risk

10. Although alcohol can help a person "loosen up", it's a depressant. And can shut down parts of your brain. And can dehydrate you. And make you vomit. And can cause dizziness. And depression. And organ failure. Maybe death. So yeah...think about that.

About 300 College students die from alcohol poisoning each year.

11. A typical person can metabolize one standard drink an hour. So if you pace yourself with non-alcoholic drinks and food, it's much safer.

More than 150,000 students develop health problems from over-consuming alcohol.

13. Watching how your drink is prepared, holding your drink at all times, and avoiding large mouth cups are just a few ways to keep your drink safe.

More than 70,000 college age people are sexually assaulted when alcohol is involved. Drink safe and keep the people around you safe. You should always have a designated sober driver. Drinking with others and people you trust is a great way to stay safe while drinking

14. If you have questions, need help, want help for someone you know, please don't hesitate to ask.

At Shepherd University, you can find help with a Resident Assistant in the Residence Halls, Professional Residence Life or Student Affairs staff, Counseling Services, or a range of other people that are more than willing to help you out. Counseling Services is located in Gardiner Hall or by phone at 304-876-5161. Student Affairs is in the Student Center Rams Den or by phone at 304-876-5214. Residence Life Members are found throughout the halls or in Miller Hall or by phone at 304-876-5172. You can also reach Shepherd Police by calling 911 or 304-876-5202 with non-emergency questions for an officer. We want you to know, while at Shepherd, you and your safety are top priorities!

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