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The Top 10 Places To Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day

The Luck of the Irish reaches worldwide.

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10. Chicago, Illinois

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Chicago's famous Saint Paddy's Day Parade kicks off at 9 AM with the annual dyeing of the Chicago river, which - despite the early time - draws over 400,000 spectators. As the day progresses, close to one million people watch both of the city's parades and party it up in the local neighborhoods and bars.

9. Cabo Roig, Spain

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If you're looking for a European getaway that's a little sunnier than Ireland itself, Cabo Roig is many an Irishman's favorite vacation spot. Enjoy the town's lush Mediterranean beaches while celebrating the holiday with Guinness-fueled karaoke, fireworks, and Flamenco dancing.

8. Auckland, New Zealand

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Since immigration between Auckland and Ireland opened in the 1840's, there's been immense Irish pride in the New Zealand city. Its Saint Paddy's day celebration includes a morning parade, a music and dancing festival, Irish-themed festivities like Gaelic football, and lighting the 1350 foot Sky Tower bright green.

7. Tokyo, Japan

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Asia's largest Saint Patrick's Day celebration takes place in Tokyo, Japan. Considering Tokyo's love of the unconventional, it's somewhat surprising that the festivities are pretty traditional - Irish dancers, people dressed up as leprechauns, and even Irish Setters take part in their parade, which is usually led by the Irish ambassador to Japan. Food stalls sell fish cottage pie, corned beef and cabbage, and of course the obligatory green beer.

6. Montreal, Canada

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Come sleet or snow; come hell or high water - Montreal's Irish Parade will go on. The festivities have never been cancelled since their inception 60 years ago. Post parade, there are a number of downtown Irish pubs where attendees can continue the party.

4. Buenos Aires, Argentina

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It might be a surprise to know that, thanks to an 1800's English invasion of mostly Irish soldiers, Argentina has the world's fifth largest Irish population. Sadly, Buenos Aires does not hold a parade to mark the occasion, but instead turns their entire Retiro district into a street party of traditional Irish foods, dancing, drinking, and partying.

3. Montserrat, West Indies

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If you're thinking of a more tropical getaway for Saint Paddy's Day, look no further than Montserrat. Named the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean, this popular West Indies vacation spot welcomes guests with a shamrock shaped passport stamp and locals dressed in indigenous garb mostly green in color. The island has a long history of Irish influence and ancestry due to thousands of Irish indentured servants living on the neighboring islands seeking freedom on Montserrat in the 1600's. Today, the island celebrates Saint Patrick's day in true Afro-Irish style with calypso music and your choice of a Guinness or a rum cocktail.

2. New York, New York

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New York City boasts the largest Saint Patrick's Day Parade in the world, drawing millions of people to watch dancers, bag pipers, and other festive marchers parade down 5th ave. New York also boasts one of the largest Irish populations in the Unites States, so of course, it has countless historic, grungy, and modern Irish pubs to grab a Guinness from, as well.

1. Dublin Ireland

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Of course, the number one place where you need to spend Saint Patrick's Day is the Emerald Isle itself - Ireland. Did you think it could be anywhere else? Dublin packs upwards of 500,000 people into its city limits to celebrate its country's patron saint. So paint your face orange white and green, make your way to a true Irish pub, and enjoy your time in the place that birthed Saint Patrick's Day way back in the 17th century.

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