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Baby Born In Tim Hortons!!

In Windsor, ON, Canada, a woman gave birth to a baby girl in the bathroom of a Tim Hortons..Apparently donuts weren't the only thing coming out of the oven!

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The restaurant manager said a woman entered the coffee shop around 11am and told staff she was expecting a baby soon and didn’t feel well. Soon staff were gathering towels as their colleague, Judy Glenn, helped the woman deliver her daughter in the women’s washroom. Hayes says he was instructed what to do over the phone by a 911 dispatcher.

Minutes later, EMS arrived to take the woman and the baby to hospital. “The lady’s okay. The baby’s okay. Didn’t have time to wait for EMS. We decided to take care of the situation right away.”

Glenn was given the rest of the day off.

View this video on YouTube / Via Facebook: windsoressexnews

Here's what Shireen Anderson had to say after having her baby delivered inside a Tim Hortons...

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