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  • Family Guy Banned

    What’s so wrong with a baby that wants to kill its mom or a drunk dad or a pot smoking, talking dog? While Stewie tends to offend many, he really ticked off the Venezuelan government. They recently banned Family Guy after the infamous 420 episode. In the past the government also banned the Simpsons and replaced it with Baywatch …. because watching half naked girls bounce is a much more acceptable.

  • Meet Ah, Taiwan’s Famous Whale Shark!

    In honor of the awesomeness that is Shark Week, I thought a touching article on Taiwan’s kick butt celebrity shark Ah, aptly named by the sound people make when they see him, was in order. These gentle giants are a staple on most menus in Taiwan, and have been endangered sue to over fishing. Ah is an example of the Taiwan’s growing eco-conscious, and is taking strict measures to help protect Whale Sharks. Talk about Ah-Ha moment!

  • Reality TV Gets Holier Than Thou

    A new type of reality show has emerged in Turkey called “Penitents Compete.” The show brings together local leaders of various religions and then they must try and “convert” a group of 10 atheists to their given religion. The person with the most conversions wins a trip to their mecca…Holy Land….grail? ….of choice. So is this a genius idea or one big immaculate misconception? …I bet Spencer and Heidi would just love to be on this show.

  • Real Life Wall-e ….. Eeee…va?

    How cool would it be to have a real life Wall-e rolling about making the planet more livable and infusing some needed charm into trash collection. Well Italian Scientists have done just that, developing an on-demand robot trash collector part of a project called “DustBot,” a $3.9 million research program to implement robotics in society in useful ways. DustCart collects trash “on-demand” and is able to gather real time data on the surrounding environment. Equipped with special sensors it monitors air pollutants, such as nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, ozone, benzene, CO, CO2 and air temperature. Did also I mention how adorable it is?

  • Meet the Man Who Wants to Shut Down the Internet in China

    Censorship in China is nothing new, but the level of action taken to force Chinese citizens to comply has garnered global recognition. China marked the date July 1st, 2009 as the day manufacturers will be forced to install filtering software on all new PCs. While many have resorted to digitally lashing out against Green Dam, Chinese artist and designer of the famous Bird’s Nest at the Beijing Olympics, Ai Weiwei has decided upon a different approach. He wants “a general internet strike — no work, no games, no email or anything else online — for 24 hours on the date the government plans to require censorship software on all new computers, he says, will be a quiet act of rebellion.”

  • Iranian Rockers Sing Out Against Ahmadinejad!!

    The US based Iranian rock group Hypernova use to live in fear over their politically charged music against the Iranian government. The events this past week in Tehran have empowered them to revive their voice. One of the many impressive feats of courage against fascism….rock on!

  • In China, This May Be Porn?

    This is not a good year for pigs. First swine flu, now being banned by the Chinese government for indecency and lewd acts. If looking at pictures of cute animals snuggling is wrong, then I don’t want to be right!

  • Barbie Gets Cultured

    Barbie has been a doctor, dancer, gymnast, toy icon for more than half a century, and now she can ad cultured to her list. Miss Coco, of Liberia, decided to take matters into her own hands and design dolls that represent the strong African female. She adds some extra curves to her dolls by gluing cotton balls to the top and bottom, and dressing them in traditional Lapa wear. I wish they were around when I was a kid, they totally rock! You go Miss Coco!

  • Eat a Dog, Catch Rabies? That’s the Fear in China.

    There have been some serious rabies outbreaks in China lately, and it has been speculated that eating dog meat is the cause. While Westerners view dogs as pets it is not necessarily the case elsewhere, and I mean if you think about pigs and cows are just as cute. Makes me want to be a vegetarian. After reading this I suggest looking at the Buzzfeed Cute section to bring happy thoughts. :(

  • Thailand’s Transgender Beauty Pagents

    In Thailand the “Miss Tiffiny Unlimited Sexy Star Contest” is full of tiny bikinis and sexy bodies, drawing in millions of viewers and adoring fans. The one catch is that the hot women are really “katoey”, transgender. Female or not they are gorgeous!

  • Sloth, The Cutest Vice

    The little lazy fur balls make living in sin adorable. Sloths have it right spending their day sleeping, eating, sleeping, mating, and then sleeping some more…sign me up!

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