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15 Signs You're Addicted To Creeping

You say creeping, I say doing extensive research

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3. You have to think before you speak

“What does the tattoo on your back stand for?” “It stands for…wait, how’d you know I have a tattoo there?” “Did I say tattoo? I meant igloo, there’s an igloo on your back” *laughs awkwardly*

11. Sometimes you lose track of who you were originally creeping on

Alright, I’m going to creep on my boyfriend. Oh look, his sister’s profile is public…wait, here is a mutual friend of theirs…huh, who’s that man with the weird mustache in the background…how did I end up on YouTube?

12. You’ve bailed on dates because of something you saw online

Sorry, I can’t go out with you tonight or ever because according to a picture you posted two years ago you hate macaroni and cheese. That’s a deal breaker.

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