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    16 Valuable Life Lessons From "The Middle"

    America's most relatable, crazy, and funny TV family teaches you important lessons to live by.

    1. Don't believe everything you read on the internet.

    2. Don't overuse "LOL."

    3. Believing in yourself can be easy.

    4. The value of a good bribe.

    5. The importance of reading.

    6. Lying to make yourself feel better is sometimes ok.

    7. It's important to have a social life, even if you don't mingle easily with others.

    8. Sometimes it helps to write down your thoughts and feelings.

    9. Get your priorities in order.

    10. Letting out all your feelings at once is ok.

    11. Sometimes things may not go as planned.

    12. Don't be embarrassed by your mother.

    13. You should be happy with who you are.

    14. It's ok to let loose every now and then.

    15. Not everything has to make sense.

    16. You're not the only one with a crazy family.