10 Most WTF Themed Restaurants In The World

You may want to think twice about eating here.

1. Magic Restroom Cafe

Sitting on a toilet while eating might be confusing for your body.

City of Industry, CA

2. Trailer Park Lounge

Manhattan and Trailer Park in the same sentence? Unheard of till now.

Manhattan, NY

3. Heart Attack Grill

So pleasant sounding…

Las Vegas, NV

4. Hello Kitty Restaurant

So. Much. Pink.

Beijing, China

5. Disaster Cafe

Would you like a simulated earthquake with that burger?

Lloret de Mar, Spain

6. Opaque - Dining in the Dark

It enhances your sixth sense of FEAR.

Manhattan, NY

7. Calico Cat Cafe

Why dine any place else when this place has cats?!

Shinjuku, Tokyo

8. Moose Winnoskis

Yup. Canada.

Brantford, ON

9. Dinner in the Sky

They are most definitely not serving airplane food.

Almost Anywhere, World

10. Robot Restaurant

Beep boop your food is on its way.

Harbin, China

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