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    Your Morning Hangover As Told By Cats On Instagram

    Because cats are the best hangover cure.

    At first you just wonder, What happened??

    Then the pounding in your head reminds you.

    Any thought of alcohol makes you sick... you silently promise to never ever drink again.

    The struggle to get out of bed is real.

    Like, really real.

    Why can't you just have food delivered straight to your bed?

    You crawl to the fridge to see if Drunk You left anything.

    Water helps.

    You try a little hair of the dog...

    ...but just end up back on the toilet.

    Looking in the mirror is immediately regrettable...

    ...and you ponder the life choices you've made.

    You decide you're not ready for society... you go back to bed and swear off all drinking.

    At least until next weekend.

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