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26 Signs You Played Ultimate Frisbee In College

Catch your D's!

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1. You have a go-to rehearsed description for when anyone ask you what ultimate is.

Walt Disney Animation Studios / Via

2. You wonder how it ever gets confused with disc golf.

TNT / Via

3. You own more discs than you know what to do with.

The CW / Via

4. You get emotional seeing your college team tweets.

5. You're over people saying that it's not a real sport

HBO / Via

6. You know all of your teammates' darkest secrets from team parties but can't tell anyone...

Paramount Pictures / Via

7. You won't touch a Wham-O with a ten foot pole.

8. You can dunk, but haven't ever played basketball.

9. All of your clothes are from past teams and tournaments.

NBA / Via

10. You pick your post-college city based on how good their club team is.

Amblin Entertainment / Via

11. You know what a Hucket is.


12. You're more than happy to play in the rain...

NBC / Via

13. Or the wind...

14. But not both.

The Weather Channel / Via

15. You know how many beers fit into a frisbee.

Fox / Via

16. You try explain your college team's chants to your 'grown-up' team.

BBC / Via

They're hilarious! I swear!

17. You always count down the days until your alumni game...

Universal Pictures / Via

18. And then say a silent prayer for your liver.

19. You know what Spikeball is...

20. And are really good at it.

21. All your money still goes to USAU and tournament fees.

Hanna-Barbera Productions / Via

22. You judge people you've never even met by what kind of disc they're playing with.

Fox / Netflix / Via

23. You long for kegs at club tournaments.

Renaissance Pictures / Via

24. You're surprised when your cleats last more than a year.

25. You'll tell anyone who will listen about your crazy college tournaments.

26. And finally, you'll always have a special place in your heart for this guy:



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