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17 Jedi Who Are Overcompensating

It's not how big it is that matters, it's how you handle it.

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1. This Jedi was in the new Star Wars VII trailer.

2. This Jedi will be in the Star Wars XXXVII trailer.

3. This Jedi brought his Sith army knife to battle.

4. This Jedi knows that Winter is coming.

5. This Jedi is a part-time logger.


6. This Jedi just wants to be different.

7. This Jedi is actually battling Jesus...

8. Over dominance of the December holidays.


9. This Jedi doesn't understand why others laugh at him.

10. This Jedi is going to poke his eye out.

11. This Jedi is overcompensating...

12. This Jedi is really overcompensating.

13. This Jedi is actually Sora.

14. This Jedi is wishing you happy holidays :)

15. This Jedi made it himself!

16. This Jedi you should run away from.

17. This Jedi just wants a new lightsaber.

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