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16 Gifs That Answer The Question: What If Basketball Was Played With Cats?

The question everyone has on their mind.

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1. When cats curl up, they're basically a basketball.

2. Which is why they'd be a perfect addition to the NBA.

3. Now I know what you're thinking...

NBA / Via

4. You can't dunk cats

5. But ohhh yes, yes you can.

6. Just think of the highlights!

7. It could even be bigger than LeBron!

8. Ok maybe not...

NBA / Via

9. But it'd still be amazing to watch!

10. Cat lovers are a key untapped demographic...

11. They'd tune in to every. Single. Game.

12. Just think of the ratings boost!

13. And potential movie deals.

Warner Bros. Family Entertainment / Via

14. Space Jam 2... With cats...

NBA / Via

*mind explodes*

15. So everyone, please write to your local NBA team...

16. Cats in the NBA is a good idea

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