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You Just Got Hired Into RezLife

These gifs accurately represent what it feels like doing the job.

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Welcome to the job.

One of the major things I can tell you about the job is that

Now you probably are excited and thinking

But you need to realize 50% of the job is doing this

Seriously. I spend so much time doing this.

Another 10% of it is dealing with roommate issues

Another 20% educating people on basic survival facts.

Residents actually know nothing of how to survive on their own.

and the final 20% is.............. DUTY.

*Accurate representation of how you feel on your first duty shift.

Speaking of duty.... you will see things that make you feel like this

Or this....

Or this.... 1000x over this......

And you will see residents do things like this

and you just want to scream at them like

And even though some residents might hate you, just shrug them off when they make fun of you

Expect all your friends to invite you out when you are on duty as well

Without fail all your non-reslife friends will have the best nights ever when you are on duty.

You will eventually answer the duty phone like this

And the first time you call Protection or your Coordinator you will sound like this

*Protection is my schools version of security.

The day after your first rough duty shift remember this!

And when it comes to planning events it sort of goes like this...

Remember to get off rez for some "down-time"

And when your residents keep asking about your personal life... just respond with

Just try to remember why you wanted this job..

Cause at the end of the year when they realize you helped them you will feel like this

Honestly you might think your crazy for taking this job but

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