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Ten Song Suggestions About The Core Four For The OC Musical

With the announcement of a one night only performance this summer, here are some suggestions just in case they need some help...

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Angsty Opening

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Ryan would sing about how hard it is to grow up in Chino and how he just wants to have his brother be proud of him. Bonus points if they can find a way to reference that back in simpler times he was Snoopy in a musical.

You're a Cohen Now!

Sandy, Kirsten and Seth will teach Ryan the magical ways of being a Cohen - it will obviously include bagels, insecurity, paralyzing self doubt and how to tie a tie. Most likely will include lyrics about model homes, comic books, video games and Sandy's eyebrows.

RyRissa - a Love Begins


There will be mini-golf, there will be bike rides, there will be ferris wheels and there will be no Oliver. Hopefully it will depict a time lapse so we can get to witness all the best moments.

The (Possibly) Accidental Overdose

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After going to Mexico, Marissa overdoses. Ryan, Seth and Summer find her and try to revive her. A sad song which leaves Ryan standing alone on the stage cradling her body right before intermission. The stress of wondering whether she'll live or die will propel people to buy more snacks and drinks.


This song will have to be really long because it commemorates the best holiday ever. It will probably become a future holiday classic. Seth will explain the rules, they'll decorate the house, Summer will dress up as wonder woman for Seth's gift, Marissa will get drunk and shoplift. It will combine all the best parts of the holiday season.

Other Loves


Teresa will come into the picture as will Grady Bridges. Each member will be alone signing about complicated feelings and teenage angst. It will culminate however with them all walking down the street together, calling each other the beauty, the brains, the brawn and the boobs.

Kavalier and Clay


Bro-mantic moments between Seth and Ryan during their trip to Vegas. Summer can join to save them of course, but mostly it will be about Seth finally getting to have the adventures he always wanted.

The Angsty End

Julie marries Caleb. Ryan goes to Chino to possibly have a baby. Seth takes off on the Summer Breeze. Marissa and Summer are left alone. Because this is the OC and nobody can get a happy ending. Also....we need to lay the groundwork for the OC part 2

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