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2015's Teachers Of The Year

Sometime a teacher can change one life. Sometimes they'll change many.

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Today, Obama named Shanna Peeples of Amarillo, Texas the National Teacher of the Year


A high school English teacher who works with students facing poverty and traumas related to their immigration to the United States. Peeples said a childhood that exposed her to alcoholism and domestic violence has provided her with empathy for students from Burma, Somalia, Ethiopia, Iraq and Cuba, many of whom are survivors of emotional or physical trauma in their war-torn homelands.

She is a true inspiration both to her students and teachers around the world.

“I hope to remind people that public school teachers are amazing, dedicated, hard-working, smart and gifted people,” she said. “There are great things (at schools across the country) that happen every day. It’s not flashy or dramatic.”

Have you ever had a teacher who changed your life?

Take the time to say thank you. Comment below to give them the kind of recognition they deserve.

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