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10 TV Hangouts We Wish We Hung Out At

It would be nice to go where somewhere where everyone knows your name instead of where everyone spells your name wrong.

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10. Cheers


The place where everybody knows your name!

The best part about this bar is that you can actually go there (if you visit Boston) - but be warned there will most likely be no Sam, no Diane and, worst of all, no Norm. There will however be beer and a bartender to unload your problems on.

9. Joe's Emerald City Bar


A great place to meet a fellow doctor, hookup and then awkwardly run into each other hours later at work. Also, where you can hang out with your friends after work and talk about how much you love/hate your job...until you're pulled away for an emergency surgery or mass casualty situation.

8. Tric


The hottest music spot this side of the Mason Dixon line. Fall Out Boy, Yellowcard and Haley James Scott have all performed here!

You might also find out your boyfriend is having an affair with your best friend or be served a disgusting concoction by Stephen Colletti of Laguna Beach Fame. What more could you want?

7. The Peach Pit


Retro diner by day, hip hot spot by night - The Peach Pit is the best place to meet the young blue bloods of Los Angeles.

A good place to make-up or break-up all while being served delicious comfort food by your old friend Nat.

6. The Max


Absolutely THE place to be for a student at Bayside High.

With any luck, you'll see the star athlete rip off all his clothing and do some pretty fantastic pirouettes.

5. The Bait Shop


Lesbian lovers, jealous ex-boyfriends, and emotional scenes out in the rain - all set to the whiny, emo music of Seth Cohen.

Also the site of a pretty epic surprise party for Kirsten involving the musical talents of one Sandy Cohen. If you don't want to spend your Friday nights here, there's probably something wrong with you.

4. Chubbies


Chubbies is the prime spot if you're looking to hang out with your friends, go on a date or just gorge yourself on double chubbie cheeseburgers with chili cheese fries.

If you're lucky, you'll also witness the break-ups, make-ups and mishaps of the greatest couple of all time....Corey and Shawn.

3. Central Perk

The only coffee shop in New York which has a reserved table just for you and your friends.

The waitresses are terrible and the musical guests are questionable but the mugs are large and it feels a little bit like home.

2. MacLarens Pub


The perfect place to meet the love of your life or a series of one night stands. It's apparently full of gullible girls who will happily go home with you or, at the very least, leave your favorite booth open.

Downsides: you might have to attend the funeral of a bartender you don't remember or you may be on the receiving end of a wayward slap.

1. Luke's Diner


If you find yourself here, you're lucky enough to be in the the magical town of Stars Hollow. Here, you're likely to run into wacky chef, a jack of all trades, a retired Broadway dancer and a myriad of other eccentric characters.

At the diner, Luke will serve you with his patented brand of grumpy friendliness. There are endless cups of coffee to get you going in the morning, great burgers to get you through a 24-hour dance competition or delicious pie to take the sting off of a draining Friday night dinner.

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