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Jason runs kottke.org out of a broken-down brothel in Chinatown.
  • This American Lear

    This American Life host and radio superpersonality Ira Glass went to see a play and came away more vexed than Claudius walking out of The Mousetrap in Elsinore.

  • Stranded On A Whale

    A couple in a kayak gets too close to a whale and then the whale raises them right out of the water. And not just for a moment eit

  • Tree-Eating Machine

    This terrifying machine, called a DAH Forestry Mulcher, eats an entire 30-foot tall tree in less than 15 seconds. Ok humanity,

  • RIP Aperture And iPhoto

    “With the introduction of the new Photos app and iCloud Photo Library, enabling you to safely store all of your photos in iCloud and access them from anywhere, there will be no new development of Aperture,” said Apple in a statement provided to The…

  • What Else Is Out There?

    Great post on the Fermi Paradox, aka if there are so many potential intelligent civilizations out there in the universe (possibly 10 quadrillion of them), why haven’t we heard from anyone?

  • 21 Years A Family

    Beginning in 1991, Zed Nelson took a photo of the same family (father, mother, and son) in front of the same backdrop every year for 21 years. Here’s the first photo:

  • Soccer: 55 Vs. 2

    Watch as two players from the Japanese national soccer team try to score against 55 kids. The kids had two opportunities to sto

  • Fantastic Recursive Book Cover

    The cover is a riff on, I think, Russell’s Paradox, a problem with naive set theory described by Bertrand Russell in 1901 about whether sets can contain themselves.

  • Getting High On Programming

    These days I write more than I code, but one of the things I miss about programming is the coder’s high: those times when, for hours on end, I would lock my vision straight at the computer screen, trance out, and become a human-machine hybrid…

  • Cheese Charts

    In France, pie charts are called “le camembert” after the cheese. Or sometimes “un diagramme en fromage” (cheese diagram). In Brazil, they are pizza charts. (via numberphile & reddit)

  • 20 Outdoor Survival Tips

    From Popular Mechanics, a list of survival tips covering a variety of outdoor situations, from watching a baseball game to cutting down trees to drinking too much water during exercise.

  • Remembering Tony Gwynn

    Former MLB player Tony Gwynn passed away the other day. Cancer. He was only 54. Gwynn was one of my favorite players as a kid…I’ve always liked the players who hit for average and rarely struck out. Rarely got to see him play because I lived in…

  • The Infinitely Large .zip File

    It’s possible to make a .zip file that contains itself infinitely many times. So a 440 byte file could conceivably be expanded into eleventy dickety two zootayunafliptobytes of data and beyond. Here’s the full explanation.

  • Losing An Arm

    Journalist Miles O’Brien lost his left arm in February. He wrote about the experience and what he’s learned from it so far for New York magazine.

  • Beautiful Iceland

    I’ve seen the waterfalls and the hot springs and the rocky desolation, but I didn’t know that Iceland was also this: I mean

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