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29 Things Only Kids Of Asian Immigrants Will Understand

How Fresh Off The Boat are you?

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1. You were always fascinated by stories of your parents' emigration.


2. Until tales of their struggles were used to guilt trip you for being "ungrateful".


Here we go again...

3. To say your parents were strict is an understatement.

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You looked at the lifestyle of your non-Asian friends in awe.

4. On top of tutoring, you attended your respective language school.


5. According to your parents, everything you did wrong was a result of failing to study.


6. So naturally, they'd always be on top of your school work.


7. They never hesitated to "discipline" you.


8. Weapons of choice for this discipline included, but were not limited to:

Jasmine Yiamkiati

9. Your mum was probably always watching an Asian drama.

SBS (South Korea)

10. Freebies were your parents' weakness.

11. You had to wait for sales at the grocery store to get supplies.


12. You were probably taught to aim for professions that make more money.


For the family of course.

13. Superstitions and elements of Feng Shui governed your household.

14. Sometimes you weren't sure if you lived in a house or an Asian cultural museum.


15. You can recognise this smell from a mile away.


16. This fashion crime was a common sight.


17. And this was typical to see at home.


18. Tiger Balm and this Green Ointment were the cure to everything.

Jasmine Yiamkiati

19. You became you parents' 24/7 on-call tech support.


20. You might have felt pressure from the obsession with having lighter skin.

Whitening soaps and creams galore.
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Whitening soaps and creams galore.

21. And those born with narrow noses are considered the epitome of beauty.

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22. You grew up with a huge extended family, but they were mostly overseas.


23. Which made family visits to Asia an annual thing.


24. When it was your birthday, you'd rake in all the cash from the family.


Only to find that most of it would be swiftly deposited into a bank account.

25. You now try not to be as much of a cheapskate as your parents, but can see the merit in their money-saving ways.

Every dollar counts!

Every dollar counts!

26. You're likely a chopsticks master.


27. You've picked up unique traits from your parents because "that's how we do it at home".

"@KeralaTourism: Eating with hands! Kerala sadya #Keralablogexpress "

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Such as eating with your hands.

28. Your parents judge everyone and everything


29. So you must always make sure to keep up the family name!

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Must. Avoid. Dishonour.