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21 Struggles Of Being Asian-Australian In A Predominantly White High School

'Well, aren't you exotic?'

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1. You're automatically assumed to be the dux of the grade, which isn't too bad — until exam blocks come and reality hits.


2. No one truly understands the academic pressure you feel from your parents.


3. Because somehow, being Asian automatically means you are naturally smart?


Which isn't TOO bad of a stereotype, if you really think about it.

4. Everyone expects you to be the IT support when anything goes wrong with technology.

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Who REALLY even knows what to do when this happens?

5. You are probably the token Asian friend of the group.

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Step one: Create an allegiance with the white people.

Step two: Rule the world.

6. Everyone assumes the Asians will just find each other and make their own group.

And then the Asian gang was formed.
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And then the Asian gang was formed.

7. When this does happen, you're all assumed to be Chinese.


8. But it was fine, because you could gossip with your fellow Asians in your own language.


9. You have to explain that going out after school or on the weekends is not an option, on account of tutoring.


10. You're always expected to know how to play at LEAST one instrument.

11. Not doing your homework was a sign of rebellion.


12. People are so shocked when they find out you aren't good at math.


Yes, thank you for pointing this out to me, I don't get told enough by my parents and tutors.

13. When teachers try too hard to pronounce your last name.

It can be somewhat endearing. You tried.

It can be somewhat endearing. You tried.

14. And never forget that teachers would also confuse you with the other Asians in the class.


15. Everyone assumes your favourite genre of music is K-POP

S.M. Entertainment

16. No one understands that Korean dramas trump the quality of drama present in Pretty Little Liars or Gossip Girl.

Korean Broadcasting System

Step up your game, folks.

17. And that all you do when you are home is watch anime.

Cartoon Network

18. You hate group tasks with a passion, because guess who would be doing all the work?

Warner Bros.

19. At lunchtime, your friends always expect you to eat rice.

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20. The occasional, casual racist remarks, or trying to do an Asian accent of any kind, gets soooo old.


21. But your friends always had your back, no matter what race they were.


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