Jake N.
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    • Jake N.

      The NRA has just suggested that the solution, instead of some restrictions on firearms is to put armed guards at every school.
      Justastatistic: There’s 100,000 public K-12 schools, 67,000 of those are elementary. There’s another 35,000 post-secondary schools. How much is it going to cost to secure those schools? Or if its volunteers, how many gun enthusiasts are willing to give up their day jobs in order to volunteer? It’s not exactly like schools are flush with cash as it is. So.. let’s do some basic math. There are 135,000 schools to protect. Assuming we assign just1armed guard to each school (of course, some are so large they’ll need more than one) atasalary equal to the average salary ofaTSA airport screener, which is $31,897.50 per year (think about that forasecond), the annual cost of the NRA’s plan is:
      $4,306,162,500.00 Yes kids.. that’s 4.3 billion dollarsayear! And that is just salary; it doesn’t even take into account actually buying their guns, ammo, training, benefits, etc. When taking all this into account, actual cost projects closer to6billionAYEAR. Let’s see how “fiscal conservatives” suggest we pay for this with no tax increases or without blowing up the federal debt by each year.
      Iknow.. how about we take the annual cost of protecting our schools from gunmen and split it among everyone who ownsagun, prorated of course by the number of guns each person owns. Think of it asa”user fee”.

    • Jake N.

      Rwanda was in the middle ofacivil war. Now imagine if they actually had guns, instead of5million dead, we would be talking about 15 or 20 million dead.
      These kids in Newtown did not live inawar zone. They were going to elementary school onaFriday two weeks before Christmas in the most powerful, stable and prosperous country the world has ever seen. Laws cannot prevent every crime, but if Adam Lanza did not have access toasemi automatic weapon and large capacity magazines, it would have taken him longer to fire and reload and would have given people more time to run and/or hide, more ofachance to tackle him down, more time for the police to arrive. Yes, there would still be victims but the death toll would have been significantly lower.

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