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10 Righteous Pumpkin Mash-Ups

I never would have thought it tasteful to put Whoopi and Chewbacca together, but, for the sake of this stencil project, I'd say it works well. You can get the stencils here.

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  • 1. Gaddafi Duck

    Gaddafi Duck

  • 2. Chucky Norris

    Chucky Norris

  • 3. Burnt Reynolds

    Burnt Reynolds

  • 4. Wookie Goldberg

    Wookie Goldberg

  • 5. Elvis Depressley

    Elvis Depressley

  • 6. Bill Gates of Hell

    Bill Gates of Hell

  • 7. Sarah Impalin

    Sarah Impalin

  • 8. Hannibal of Green Gables

    Hannibal of Green Gables

  • 9. Decapitated Danson

    Decapitated Danson

  • 10. Cher Guevara

    Cher Guevara