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25 French Bulldogs Swinging Life Away

Let's all take a break from our busy, boring lives and enjoy these 25 Frenchies enjoying the breeze and swinging life away. Push harder, human!

1. When Bits escaped from doggy prison, he ran straight for the swings.

2. Alphie is still trying to get the hang of this.

3. Sir Charles Barkley doesn’t think this is very safe!

4. Enzo owns this playground.

5. Darla’s had a bit too many pushes…

6. The Great Casper says this is the next best thing to flying!

7. Marley wishes Kilo could just scooch over a bit, would ya?

8. Meatloaf says, “Is it dinner time yet?

9. Dapper Miso dresses his best for the playground.

10. When Boba swings, it's a partayyy!

11. Ninja refuses to see the fun in this.

12. Pierre Brando’s got his eye on the nearby Frenchie meetup.

13. Rucca’s never felt better.

14. Can we go for walkies now?

15. Clearly, Hank has done this before.


17. "One more picture, then push me, k?”

18. “Momma, don’t leave me!”

19. Miles doesn’t need your help. “I got this!”

20. The Great Mugginski’s face says it all.

21. Titan is king of this playground.

22. Lola, on the other hand, prefers all fours on the ground.

23. Eggs Benedict couldn’t enjoy this any less.

24. But Norm could not be any happier.

25. Bouchon asks, “HAVE YOU TRIED SWINGING YET?!