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10 Things To Google On Your Phone This Christmas

Santa, songs, and sweaters, oh my!!

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1. Your singing may not get you a Grammy nomination, but you’ll at least know the lyrics.

2. Impress your friends at bar trivia with your seasonal knowledge.

3. I mean, the man never seems to age?

4. It’ll make you feel better about having to wear that itchy thing your aunt gave you last year.

5. What the heck is a reindeer? A deer or a mythical creature?

6. Surely the frosting for your gingerbread house isn’t that bad for you, right? Eek.

7. Instantly settle family arguments over whether it’s Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin singing that Christmas song on the radio.

8. Duh...

9. Prove to kids that elves really do live at the North Pole. Just don’t tell them that it’s a city in Alaska :)

10. You want that cute guy or gal to kiss you but carrying the real thing around just looks creepy.

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