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23 Struggles Of Being Colombian At A US University

As explained by Modern Family

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1. This

2. When people imagine Bogotá to be a jungle

courtesy Mr. & Mrs. Smith

3. When people ask if you transferred from Columbia

4. When you admit you don't know what a funnel cake is

5. When you share home remedies with your friends

because your grandma swears by it

6. When your friends spell Colombia as "Columbia"

7. Everyday in class

8. When you try to explain Ajiaco, Empanada or Buñuelo

9. When you accidentally start explaining things in Spanish because you can't in English

10. And your only option is

11. When your friends tweet those explanations

12. When you finally find a place with good Colombian food

13. When people are surprised you speak English well

"Wait, so if you're like Colombian, why do you speak English?"

14. When your friends tell you to use your 'inside' voice

15. When you try to give advice

16. And it just doesn't work out

17. When you give your friends Aguardiente for the first time

18. When you use literal translations without knowing it

19. When you switch to speaking Spanish with your roommate

and forget your other friends don't know what you're saying

20. When Juan Luis Guerra mysteriously begins to play at the college bar.

21. When your non-hispanic friends refuse to support these shenanigans

and they know you had something to do with it

22. So you close the bar with those left standing

23. And you realize there's a good dozen of you

you are not alone in these struggles.

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