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    • JJ06

      I definitely don’t agree with the writer of this article on many points- I think not killing off Prim (although much more enjoyable) would be a terrible mistake as it is really what pushes Katniss over the edge- but I do think that the ending could be slightly more cheerful than the book portrays it. I don’t think that Katniss and Peeta should be skipping around in a meadow, but at the same time I think one of the things that Katniss and audiences alike loved about Peeta, as it is clearly stated in the books, his strength of heart and optimism, always trying to make a joke to ease up tough moments. This is why I think that they should show some happiness, because if Katniss wanted to end up with someone serious and unable to let go, she would of gone with Gale. After all, I’m pretty sure its going to be a 13A, so I don’t think they can really overdo the depression. I think the notion of Katniss becoming mayor is ridiculous. Katniss makes it clear she never intended to be a leader; she was just made into one because of her drive to stay alive that kept her going repeatedly against the Capitol. In fact, she hates public speaking, and said that it was Peeta who should be leading, not her. Collings showing that not all heroines are ‘cheery blondes who effortlessly charm crowds”, and its just another part of satire smuggled in.

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