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    7 Ways Technology Makes Us Fat And Lazy

    Obesity is a growing problem in America today. Technological devices are also being made so rapidly in todays society. With technology comes laziness and weight gain. You pickin' up what I'm puttin' down? Let me explain..

    1. It makes you dumb (dumb = lazy brain) / Via

    According to multiple studies, people are less likely to remember and retain information if they know they have can easily access it. When people know that they have access to computers and can find the information they need quickly through computers, they do not remember the information long-term.

    With easy access to calculators, for example, there is no need for mental math. Different advances in technology like this make us become lazier and dumber over time!

    2. Jobs are easier / Via

    Because of technological advancements overtime, machines have replaced a lot of physically demanding jobs such as farm work and assembly jobs. Today, desk jobs are very common and are far less physically demanding compared to jobs in the past before certain innovations.

    Along with jobs being physically easier, production is faster which means food is cheaper. Now you have more money and you used less energy. Sounds good, right? NO!! Now you're spending more on food and you're burning less calories....anddddd now you're fat.

    3. It makes you want to not even WALK anymore (with Segway boards) / Via

    Almost half of the U.S. population is overweight. New inventions like Segway Boards are devices that people use instead of walking. By using their balance, the device allows people to move as if they were walking without actually even moving their legs.

    Walking, the most basic form of exercise, is unnecessary. Right?

    4. We sit on our butts all day because of technology / Via

    Studies show that the time spent watching TV was positively associated with obesity; weight gain is directly related to the usage of different technological advances like internet usage and video game usage.

    Some people sit or stay in bed for hours a day on simply being on their phones, computers, or playing video games. While these things may be fun and easy to do...there is a consequence (*cough cough* weigh gain *cough cough*)

    5. We become cognitively lazy and rely on the internet / Via

    With easy access to so much information for example, via Google, you are less likely to actually remember what you are supposed to be learning and become reliant on the internet. With so many new technological advances, everything is becoming easier and we can get information easier than in the past. The more we use these advancements, the more we are depending on technology.

    Basically, WE ALL RELY ON GOOGLE!!!!

    6. Lecture slides online make for lazy students

    When professors put lecture slides online, students are far less motivated to go to class. The slides are posted online so I have all the information that I need, right? No! Not necessarily.. When a student misses class, they are missing out on hearing the information and participating in hands-on activities that are extremely important for memorization and learning.


    7. Laziness is why inventions are made

    Yes, we are THAT lazy. We are so lazy that technology is actually driven by society's laziness. New innovations should be made to better society, not because someone is too lazy to do reasonable tasks.

    Think about it. Technological advancements should be made to help better society; things should be made to help cure cancer. At the very least, new inventions should be made because they are beneficial to society in a meaningful way. Today, we have inventions like the "baby mop."

    Why mop when your tiny baby can do it for you? Oh yeah, because that's disgusting.

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