Marking Africa Day On Twitter By Crowdsourcing Africa’s Future Using #TheAfricaWeWant

#theafricawewant is collecting voices from across the continent and their hopes for what could come next.

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Sunday, May 25 was Africa Day, and Twitter marked the occasion with the hashtag “The Africa We Want.” Peace, safety, and free expression — in politics locally and in stories told globally — got a lot of play.

#TheAfricaWeWant is 1 where our children have African children's books, animated films, & dolls so that they have strong self identities.

— Zawadi Nyong'o (@ZawadiN)

#TheAfricaWeWant says no to xenophobia, undertsanding that borderlines over our motherland are actually scars from past brutalisations.

— Fungai Machirori (@fungaijustbeing)

Women and girls are at the center of many of the tweets. Education, freedom from street harassment, and respect for the right of women to say “no” feature prominently. There is even a call for a new kind of feminism.

#TheAfricaWeWant is built alongside fearless and educated women

— Raïssa Simbi (@simbiraissa)

In #TheAfricaWeWant, we will never ask others to #BringBackOurGirls because they'll all be safe and sound in their homes, schools, streets

— Nebila Abdulmelik (@Aliben86)

#TheAfricaWeWant a place where women can go for a jog without being stared at or harassed

— Isis Nyong'o Madison (@inyongo)

Where men know that a woman's no means NO. Period. #TheAfricaWeWant

— Remmy Shawa (@HonShour)

#TheAfricaWeWant a radical shift from corporate and NGO Feminism that's taken root - to a Feminism concerned with structural transformation.

— Ruth Nyambura (@MsNyamburah)

Greater opportunity for the young and talented — and greater responsibility among the men (it’s still mostly men) who lead families and nations — rose among the concerns.

#TheAfricaWeWant makes it that young people look forward to growing up and working on the continent, and investing in it.

— Fungai Machirori (@fungaijustbeing)

#TheAfricaWeWant is one where #BrainDrain will be totally reversed & all our brilliant minds will be able to thrive within the continent.

— Zawadi Nyong'o (@ZawadiN)

RT @majestic_end: #TheAfricaWeWant is one where our men start taking responsibility for their children. Too many single Black mothers! Wher…

— Esther Kimani (@KelsieKim)

#TheAfricaWeWant: leaders who respect each other and thier people before calling on the west to respect them and Africa! #afdbam2014

— Emma Cyuma Nsekanabo (@Ensekanabo)

#TheAfricaWeWant is one where leadership is a service and not a platform to wealth,nepotism and tribalism.

— Eric Aencha (@Kenyaneric)

There were calls to keep more of Africa’s wealth on the continent — and for Africans to be better stewards of the continent’s resources.

#TheAfricaWeWant Is an Africa that controls its means of production. An Africa that connects what it produces to benefit the people.

— African Made (@Africanmade)

Less toxic, violent relationship with land #TheAfricaWeWant

— basil (@basilfarooqi)

And there were some clear ideas about what wasn’t wanted.

Searched for ‘Uganda’ on @Shutterstock, 99% of the images are of wild animals. Not a single image of Kampala. This is not #TheAfricaWeWant

— TMS Ruge (@tmsruge)

Look at #KasaraniConcentrationCamp & deportations across Africa; hang our heads in shame at our narrow idea of community #TheAfricaWeWant

— basil (@basilfarooqi)

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